What should Syfy do next?

Your inner 13-year-old is speaking the same language as my inner 13-year-old.

Oh god yes please! They canceled it just when it was going from good to awesome.

Right, so in my quest to discover why I STILL CAN’T WATCH THIS IN DENMARK (sorry), I realized that Syfy didn’t create the show and doesn’t own the rights, but merely licensed the rights to broadcast it in the US. The show was produced and is owned by Alcon Entertainment, which of course doesn’t explain why I still can’t watch it here.

Anyway, maybe don’t expect too much from Syfy based on this show.

I second the Amber series!
After all the Sci Fi channel DID announce they wanted to produce it (…unfortunately it was in 2002)
However now would be a great time to do it!

In April 2002 the SCI FI Channel had issued a press release that gave a listing of all their ambitious miniseries projects. One of those was to be a 4-hour miniseries based on the “The Complete Amber Chronicles,” written by the late Roger Zelazny.

Alternatively I would love a mini-series / show based on Gemmell’s Jerusalem man books. They had a cool post apocalyptic scenario, thats very popular at the moment and also featured supernatural / vampiric / monster elements that are also currently seen everywhere now!

Wolf in Shadow is set in the future, three hundred years after the “fall”, an apocalyptic event of which little is initially known, but which is regarded in the book as an event akin to Noah’s flood in which the world shook out of its orbit tilting it on its axis, which subsequently resulted in the oceans rising and destroying most of human civilization. Several hints are given throughout the novel that this catastrophe might have been due to factors such as pollution and nuclear weapons.

In addition to this setting the novel employs a magic system based on Sipstrassi or stones of power, which are golden meteors which allow one to heal oneself, create food, and who are supposedly limited only by ones imagination, although each stone only has a certain amount of power, and as they are used black veins will appear upon the stone and grow, until eventually the Sipstrassi is coal black, and powerless. However by feeding Sipstrassi blood one can refill them, although Sipstrassi refilled in this manner become blood red, incapable of healing or producing feed, good only for combat. Additionally blood Sipstrassi inspire darker feelings such as lust, greed, and rage in their wielders.

Can’t watch what?

Sorry, I’m talking about The Expanse. I have no idea what The Magicians is.

Sexed up Harry Potter in grad school.

Thanks. I just watched the trailer, and I don’t really think it’s for me, although it’s probably not being broadcast here anyway.

I wouldn’t be against this, but a Declare miniseries would be even better.

Though ‘Last Call’ is my favorite of his, I’d take that. “Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy”, with Elder Gods. It’d work.

How about a live action version of Banner of the Stars?

Wow, that’s a manga I haven’t thought of on ten years.

I loved Banner of the Stars…

And while a straight up gundam series would not work, I think, a Gundam-inspired live action series would be amazing and something that could be viable commercially given that we are getting Pacific Rim 2 (not sexactly the same genre but both work much better as series than as isolated films).

Not going to happen, though :(

Ooooh. Actually a Declare inspired long series would work too.

Space battles. That’s all I want.

The Honorverse would make an interesting adaption.

How about one of Glen Cook’s series? I would like to see Black Company done.

Series, produced by del Torro, set in the Pacific Rim universe. Set it in the period right after the Jegers have been created, but before The Wall lead to them to be cut. You would have the freedom to invent all kinds of fun robots each week, new kaiju, etc… The world of the interactions between the pilots who have to share memories and essentially stay in-sync constantly could make for some compelling (or angst-y, if you want to make it more of a CW show) drama. Could be a fun series.

It could be done but I don’t think horror works to best advantage in longer formats, particularly ones with no fixed end. You could maybe do a different horror-tinged spy narrative each season or something though.

Similar note: Steven Erikson’s Malazan Book of the Fallen, which would REALLY benefit from the breathing room a series provides (but also suffer without a movie budget).

Love this idea. Heck, you could introduce The White Rose a bit earlier, hand her a bow and pitch it as “Hunger Games meets Game of Thrones.”

I suspect the rights would be a bit cheaper than whatever Martin is charging, too ;)

Given the incredibly complex worldbuilding and dizzying number of characters, do you think this could be conveyed in a TV series? Though, opening the series with the Moon’s Spawn over Pale would make for one heck of a “I gotta watch that” trailer.