What should we do with the QT3 Twitter?

For reasons too long and complicated to go into, I currently control the QT3 Twitter account. I’ve noticed several people have started to follow it in recent weeks, so I think it’s time we figured out what to do with it.

I did email Tom about this a couple of times, but it doesn’t seem to be very high on his priority list right now so I’m asking you. My initial thought would be to make it a curated stream of interesting post excerpts, with a link to the thread in question. People could submit them via an @QT3 message, and a moderator would post the best ones.

Any other suggestions?

Oh, and Tom, just ping me if you decide you want to take control of it after all.

Isn’t this thread better suited in as a new post in the existing Twitter thread where I recently brought up the existence of this account.

A) Especially interesting Bargains & Hot deal highlights
B) Get-together reminders/announcements for multiplayer games like LoTR:Online, City of Heroes, Demigod etc
C) ???
D) Profit

This, plus kerzain’s idea about reminders and announcements for multiplayer sessions sounds good.

Put it in the longboat 'til it’s sober?

Early in the morning?

Delete it.

I like the idea of highlighting interesting posts threads as well as good bargain thread updates. Updates when Tom has a new article/review posted at Figit/Crispy/Whatever would also be logical.

Offers for pharma at reasonable prices shipped directly to your door!

I vote to stake Twitter!

Yenta thread updated, gentle touchings announced.

TRAINWRECK: Point us to the thread that has gone to hell in a handbasket awesomely.

Everyone should have a turn pretending to be Tom for a day and posting to the QT3 Twitter account. His escapades would soon be legendary.

Seriously though, I like original idea with Kerzain’s additions.

Really? Nobody? OK, here goes…

Nuke it from orbit.

Purge it with holy fire.

It’s the only way to be sure.

Can you use it as a meta-notification system for all the folks that are trying to organize a game in Steam, Impulse, Live, Wow, LOTRO, etc? Maybe we can make a thread for that stuff and in some magical way use RSS to push it to the Qt3 twitter account?

…either that, or tweet a new LOLcat image every 3 hours.

Fill it up with @ replies that are basically IM conversations you’re hearing half of just like the rest of the other Twitter users.

I guess I should have expected some of the tapirs to show up and crap on Twitter, but somehow it still surprises me.

Twitter isn’t nearly as bad as a lot of people here may think. As someone who’s always been resistant to social networking options like Facebook and Myspace, I find Twitter to be a wonderful outlet for short bursts of creative writing.

Even though I hate a lot of Twitter-stuff, I thought of a good use for this: How about someone posting E3 nuggets as they are discovered/announced next week? A quick blurb and a link would do wonders for monitoring E3 stuff during my workday.