What show can still make you laugh?

Get Smart for me. I just saw an episode last night and I was still laughing even though I’ve must have seen it a dozen times.

I we’re talking old shows, Mary Tyler Moore show and the original Bob Newhart show. More recent shows would be Frasier and Arrested Development.

The Dirt Show is pretty funny.

Seinfeld, obviously. The Daily Show & Colbert Repor, but I don’t know if those count.

Get Smart is a true classic. I also laugh at Dragnet, especially the episodes about drugs.

Friends still makes me laugh even though I have seen many of those episodes in syndication 2 or 3 times. Most likely because the age range they covered throughout the show coincided with my own during the years it was on. There are multiple instances that I can directly relate to and have been in many conversations where I have said, “Like on that episode of Friends when…”

I still really like early Cheers episodes, early MASH, Arrested Development…

There was a time when MASH was on 3 times a day when I was in high school (due to syndication) and 4 times on the day when the new shows aired. I watched it all the time. I have tried to go back and watch in recent years and the characters are a bit too wacky in parts and overly melodramatic in other parts. Probably a result of my watching of shows since that copied their formula and jokes and the fact that the laugh track is so obnoxious.

Three’s Company

Cosby Show is still pretty solid

Big second on The Bob Newhart Show. Some of the episodes of that series will be hilarious for a hundred years.

The Dick Van Dyke Show and The Odd Couple would also be on my list, although the former hasn’t aged as well as TBNS or TOC.

[li]Beavis & Butthead[/li][li]Sienfeld[/li][li]Cheers[/li][li]Sanford & son[/li][li]Ali G[/li][/list]

Bugs Bunny and Yosemite Sam being racist make me laugh.

Mr. Show never stops being funny to me. Wyckyd Sceptre, the milking machine, Fuzz: The Musical - so much funny.

Brilliant stuff. More than 10 years later, it still feels current.

The Daily Show, Monty Python’s Flying Circus, Bottom, Father Ted, Seinfeld, early Friends… and Spongebob Squarepants.

Absolutely Fabulous. Some days, I’ll be reminded of some bit from the show and I’ll start laughing out loud for no apparent reason.

“She’s too slow! Leave her! Leave her!”

Yeah. I dont go out of my way to watch it but pretty much anytime I see it on, I smile. Every episode is pretty much one of three plots, but it was still funny to me.

Agreed. So much of that stuff is pure comic genius.

Monty Python
Red Dwarf

Friends (only re-run on about 5 different channels)
MASH (why do I only have the first 2 seasons on DVD?)
Python and Mr. Bean (BritCom FTW!)
The Daily Show (President of Bolivia was on last night!)
Bugs Bunny (just started reshowing it on Cartoon Network so I am watching it with my daughter)