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Forum software would let me post “What song is this”, so gobbly to let me put it up.

Song I’m wondering about is this:

Shazam has given me 8 different results, all of them wrong. Any idea?

It sounds a bit like Phillip Glass on opioids. Sorry, that’s all I got.

I swear I’ve heard it before. If you skip to the the middle when the orchestral and percussion kicks in you start to hear what feels almost like a subtle movie theme crescendo.

Could it be the Ladyhawke soundtrack?

Nope. This has more of an Enya Celts, or Two Steps From Hell vibe (if you’ve never heard Two Steps From Hell, tis amazing).

Since it plays throughout a 2 minute youtube video that appears to be eligible for monetization, I wouldn’t be surprised if this is a royalty-free music bed. And the reason it may sound familiar, if that’s the case, is that other youtube creators have also used it.

Do you know of an application better than Shazam that might be able to identify it?

Sorry, I don’t.

If it is royalty free music, it’s unlikely to turn up on music identification thingy, because the matching song won’t be in the standard databases those applications use.

It might not be royalty-free music, too. It might be something commercially available.

Honestly, your best bet is to try to contact the Youtube creator/video poster.

Thanks. I did that :)

it is definitely 100% NOT by Philip Glass. I know almost all of his works and from different periods. That’s just not him. At least now you know that you need to look elswhere ;(

What song is this?

I’m just taking this thread to 100 right outta the gate.

“Summerbaby” by Polaris?

I bet if you dug around long enough on the Epidemic Sound web site you’d find it.