What temperature do you require your shaving water?

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of infinite jest, of most excellent fancy: he hath
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Depends on whomever and whatever I’m shaving.

I actually shave with a very sharp piece of ice.

I got out of the army and I stopped shaving. My preferred temperature is haha you shave?

Electric don’t need no temperature.

I pluck.

That wasn’t a poll option! If you can’t play by the rules then maybe you should go back to wherever you came from.

Your poll sux0rz! I have met Jake Plane, sir, and you are no Jake Plane.

You are hereby banned from posting in this thread.

Screw you Stroker you can’t ban m

I wax my entire face.

Take the path of Bill Dungsroman! Viva la resistance!

Does nobody use water hotter than body temperature? This poll is defective.

It varies. When I need refreshment, I’ll take it as cold as it gets. If I’m a little on the cold side, it’ll be fairly warm.

Hot for the face. Cold for the blade.

I’m an evil bastard. I shave while showering. It wastes water like crazy, but it is 1) so good at avoiding soap scum in the sink, 2) so freaking convenient to rinse off just by sticking my head under the water, and 3) so WARM that I’m pretty much stuck on it.

Only downside is no mirror, but I taught myself to shave by feel years ago and it’s only about once a month that I miss a spot (generally a little thin strip by my ear).

I use hot water. As Franko said in The Dirty Dozen, a man can’t shave with cold water. The guards get hot water!

Hot water for the actual shaving, which makes the shaving easier and cleaner. Then you rinse your face off with cold water, which closes up the pores.


Yeah, I’d estimate the water I use to be in the hundred degree range.

Hot hot hot!

Ya put the razor in cold water, not hot–'cause
metal does what in cold?

      I dunno, Johnny.

 We hear the back door slam and Caspar appears in the front
 passenger window.

      . . . 'Ats what I'm tellin' ya. It contracts.
      'At way you get a first class shave.

      Okay, Johnny.