What the eff - a.k.a. Useless "brand" name junk.

So, we’ve already gotten used to the “Ferrari” and “Lamborghini” laptops with a bunch of wallpapers, a nicely coloured appearance and a shiny logo complete with a premium price tag for generally – ok – hardware, but nothing that screams supercharged. (I guess like Apple…)

Now I come across something like this:

A Mercedes AMG branded … chair?

Those unsure about AMG - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mercedes-AMG

When will this insanity end.

Wonder how much other stuff like that I have been spared the knowledge of.

I submit to you the Supreme branded brick.

Yep, it’s a brick. Just a brick.

Chanel wins this one

The chair doesn’t seem that ridiculous, compared to the others. Gaming chairs are generally of the “racing seat” variety, so in that sense a race car brand is a reasonable fit. Unlike on a laptop, say.

2000$ boomerang… madness. I guess, if you’re a rich Australian it might be something nice to hang on the wall, as opposed to an “authentic” hand-carved one from the aborigines.

Compared to the Eddie Murphy movie, it almost seems sensible though.