What the fuck is wrong with the Boston PD?

Today, they blew up a Department of Transportation traffic monitor because they thought it was a bomb:

Oh Boston, you safely detonate my heart. <3

I think Time Warner needs to ask for their money back.

I don’t see anything about it being a DOT traffic monitor.


We’ve done it. We’ve created a system where the Terrorists can bring down our society by chaining harmless boxes to things until we run out of money for more Hydralisks.

Gotta love a bunch of bored cops who want to blow shit up!

Forget Reno 911… Boston is where it’s AT!!

Someone compile a list of the apologists in the other thread and ask them their thoughts. I’m sure it will come down to batteries with wires and a middle finger.

The bomb squad is supposed to blow shit up and ask questions later. There is nothing here to criticize except lack of communication in a government bureaucracy. No alerts were raised, no city wide force mobilized, no $750,000 spent, no weed smoking deadbeats arrested, no denials by state officials, no slanders by loud mouth pundits, no scare tactics by the media, no national firestorm. What the fuck are you guys talking about? Or is it that you didn’t understand why the ATHF circus was such a travesty and instead moronically pull a Nelson HAHA any time a bomb squad does their JOB?

(Extra vitriol added purely for P&R requirements.)

No, dumbshit, you are thinking of John Rambo. Everyone else has to ask questions first.

here were some tense moments in Boston’s financial district Wednesday morning as police were forced to blow up a suspicious device.

The bomb squad shut down busy Devonshire Street after someone spotted a green box chained to a no parking sign.

The box turned out to be some kind of traffic counting device and was completely harmless.

Obviously they didn’t blow it up very well, either, if it could still be identified as a ‘traffic counting box’.

Incompetence all around.

I think I saw that on a Twilight Zone episode

I thought you were supposed to laugh when the clowns show up in their funny shaped police cars…

This was a total non-event - I didn’t even hear about this until just now. No one at my office, the gym, or at class said anything about this. Hopefully the media and other parties involved learned their lesson from the ATHF incident.

The best part is that terrorists don’t even have to go to the trouble of chaining things up - they just have to call in public works devices as “suspicious”.

At least back in the sixties the super-villains would make their WMD’s look like giant novelty items themed to their shtick.

There’s a suspicious mile-long device blocking the Niagara river!

Not to mention that there’s a complete breakdown of communication in the city between the police department and the traffic engineers. Both of which are probably in the department of public safety. Pathetic.