What the heck is hex(2):00,00?

This appears in my add/remove programs list and I have no idea what put it there. Anyone know?

Google tells me that “hex(2):00,00” is a format used by some registry data, so I’d guess some clown tried to write his own uninstaller and put the wrong data in the field intended for the program name. No idea what program that could be; any sort of obscure freeware/bundleware/driver is a good candidate, and of course malware.

Find this in your registry…

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SOFTWARE \ Microsoft \ Windows \ CurrentVersion \ Uninstall

Then look for the key corresponding with that weird name. All of the information regarding exactly what the program is and where it resides on your hardrive should be there.

Thanks for the replies.

Hmm, not in the registry where you indicated, jf, unless it’s buried in another folder. Before that, when I went to uninstall it, it told me there was an error trying to do so and asked if I just wanted to remove it from the add or remove programs list, and I picked yes.

When you answered yes, what that did is remove the entry from the registry, and therefore it does not show up in the add/remove program dialog. Of course that means it is no longer in the registry where I suggested you to look, so that is why you didn’t find it there. Now the mystery will never be solved.

Alas. I’ll scan for malware with the usual tools, just in case.

Also, ccleaner will remove rogue shit from your Add/Remove Programs listing.