What the heck is Runescape?

According to the MMO piechart, it is the 4th largest MMO on the market. It beats out Everquest, City of Heroes and DAOC by 5%.

I looked at the website, and I don’t get it. It looks like Darkstone if Darkstone was made for an EGA equipped 286 by the Godfather team.

What is this game? Why is it so popular?

Can be played for free, will run on any crap machine, and easy to get into. I’m not sure, but it might be browser-based as well.

Is played in a browser. Widly popular with younger kids. Extremely cheap - free forever if you like, or pay $5 and get extra content. It is basically snapping up all the lower end machine/no-monthly-fee crowd.

java based, rough, quick, easily played in school labs and libraries. Plus everything else everyone else has said.

Yep, go to a library and there’s a decent chance you’ll find some kids playing Runescape. It’s a good scam – “Mom, if you want me to get out and stop playing videogames, how about you drop me off at the library for the afternoon so I can read?”

The youngin’ that I call son plays it.

I think it’s, oof*, quite awful.

…but if your young and broke and like the MMO experiance, it’s pretty good.

*this is the sound of my son jabbing me in the ribs.

Ahh ok that explains it. Is it advertised on a bunch of kid-themed sites or something?

I’ve known about Runescape for about five years. My friend tried to get me to start playing it, which I did, against my better judgment, for a total of about a day. I thought it blew then and I think it blows now. I lost a friend that day.

I pity anyone who plays it.