What the hell happened to television?

It’s strangely good all of the sudden. I can’t think of a time that I’ve liked 3 different shows that are all current(at least for a couple of weeks).

First there’s House which, to be fair, has one of my favorite people in it (Hugh Laurie), but other than that is just overall fantastic. It’s a premise that you would think would get old fast, but each week seems to be just as good if not better than the last. A lot of that is probably due to the chemistry between the actors and their respective characters. Other than Laurie, Omar Epps as Foreman and Robert Sean Leonard as Wilson are both incredible.

My Name is Earl manages to be funny and strangely heart warming. Jason Lee is another one of my favorites and he’s fantastic as Earl but I don’t think the show would work without Randy(Ethan Suplee) and Joy(Jaime Pressly). Honorable mention goes to Eddie Steeples as Darnell/Crabman.

The one show that surprised me the most is Arrested Development. After everyone proclaimed it the funniest thing in the entire world, I had to go see for myself. The first episode I ever watched was very underwhelming and so I didn’t watch it again until a few weeks ago. I guess I didn’t get a lot of the jokes because I had missed the first few episodes, but at any rate I finally watched it and now I’m obsessed with it. I can’t understand why in the hell FOX would want to cancel this show. Then again they cancelled Futurama and the Family Guy (3 times), so that goes to show how clever they are as a network. Here’s hoping Showtime picks them up. As far as the show goes, I can’t think of a better character than Gob.

Anyway, was just thinking about that on my way back from lunch where I went out and bought both seasons of AD and the 40 Year Old Virgin (haven’t seen it yet, hope it’s funny).

Doh! If you found out how awesome AD was month sooner, you could’ve picked it up at Best Buy for the Black Friday price of $14.95/season! :)

And don’t forget Firefly and Wonderfalls and a dozen other good shows. All of which had to make way for such gems as “Trading Spouses” and “Renovate My Family,” of course.

You know, something else I’ve been wondering about: when the hell are they going to release the rest of the Larry Sanders show seasons on DVD? There aren’t any plans to, sadly, because they sold it at too high of a price point so not enough people bought it. What a tragedy, because that was a great show. Also: wouldn’t mind some Amazing Stories.

What happened was HBO.

That reminds me, Firefly is being shown on Comcast onDemand for just 2.99 for several episodes. I don’t know how many, but it said ‘multiple’. It’s all january. Since I only saw the first two shows when it first came out (didn’t like it) I think I will try them out in order using this deal.

And don’t forget Firefly and Wonderfalls and a dozen other good shows. All of which had to make way for such gems as “Trading Spouses” and “Renovate My Family,” of course.

The problem is that we geeks like those shows, the greater masses much prefer to watch Trading Spouses, so Fox keeps cancelling our shows to make way for more shows that more people watch. I know this is a great big “duh”.

I like Stacked. Two good reasons…

You have poor taste and …?


Why am I not surprised?

…a prefrontal lobotomy.

You have poor taste and …?

Troy[/quote] …and Tony Hale guest starred once, is my best guess.

I was thinking “What the hell happened to television?” last night as well. There is nothing on to watch anymore as far as drama or comedys. The last three network shows I was watching (Smallville, Scrubs, and My Name is Earl) no longer hold my interest and its a chore to fast forward through a show. I find myself watching more medical shows on TLC and Discovery Health. :\

If, out of Family Guy, American Dad, Desperate Housewives, Arrested Development, Surface, House, 24, The Shield, Gilmore Girls, Lost, Veronica Mars, Alias, The Office, and Battlestar Galactica, you can’t find anything to watch, the problem might not be with television.

I’ve watched everyone of those at least once and don’t care for any other them. (though I do have the Watch DVD season 1 that I want to start watching in order which might be required for enjoyment)

It’s long been established that Rob has unique taste in entertainment.
If Rob were to come out and say something like “I think Family Circus was a better comic strip than Calvin and Hobbs” I’d hardly be phased at all at this point.

Now that is just fucking cruel. Calvin and Hobbs > *

(Though Bloom County had its moments)

ok seriously - you’re including Veronica Mars, Gilmore Girls, and Desperate Housewives as examples of good television?

Whoa. I could understand being biased against Desperate Housewives, which people have a problem with because of its popularity and marketing. But I cannot imagine any fault that anyone could bring with either Veronica Mars or Gilmore Girls – they’re two of the best shows on TV.

And by the way, add My Name Is Earl to that list (which Rob had already dismissed) and you have my weekly television viewing schedule.

I used to really enjoy Gilmore Girls because I thought they had fantastic dialogue and interesting characters on that show. Then it’s as if the writers became aware that was why people enjoyed the show and started trying too hard to make the dialogue snappy and the charactes quirky. And it got annoying as the plots became more cliche-teen-soap-ish. Maybe it’s improved over the past few seasons I haven’t watched.

Veronica Mars though… I honestly don’t get it in much the same way I never understood the appeal of Buffy the Vampire Slayer or Harry Potter. It seems like something that’s well done for a juvenile audience but I just can’t get into a story that consists entirely of children.

But then I love Boston Legal and lots of folks seem to be panning it, so maybe my taste sucks?