What the hell is that song?!?

OKAY! I need your help! I’ve got this song that I want to listen to, but I don’t know the name, the artist, the album, the year it was released, or anything else whatsoever about it. AT ALL.

All I know is that they play it at baseball games sometimes as the “here comes the next batter pump you up” music, and that it was redone in the game Zombie Smashers X. I just downloaded and unpacked the game and found it in the Music folder; it’s the track called “Scam”.

Is there any way to find a song when you know nothing but the tune? Anyone got any ideas? Could someone familiar with 90’s dance music listen to it and tell me what the hell it is?


Try songtapper.com.

It’s some sort of Hi-NRG type remix of Zombie Nation - Kernkraft 400.

Yay!!! You’re right and I’m happy! Thanks!

Now what can I do for you?