What the Hell is Wrong With the Message Board Time System?

I’m writing new replies to current threads, and instead of being placed on the bottom of the thread as the newest post, they’re being placed in the middle of the thread, as if I had gone back in time and written them then.

I was about to ask the same thing. They aren’t being flagged as new posts, either.

You last visited on Tue Jul 22, 2003 2:01 pm
The time now is Tue Jul 22, 2003 12:38 pm

Never a comforting thing to see.

It’s telling me that I can’t post so soon after my last post, which was a rather noticably long time ago.

Maybe they hax0red the time/date these forums run by?

edit: Heh. Um, I should say it WAS telling me that about forty minutes ago, which was like forty minutes after I had last posted. Or something…


Yeah, it just flagged a bunch of threads as having new posts for me, when really they don’t. Weird.

It’s a glitch in the Matrix.

I swear it ate one of my posts.

I started a dead little Saddamites thread and someone quoted my initial post and then my post winds up 8th or ninth down the page.

Chet, oooooh Cheee-eeet

First post.

(Maybe if the board is screwed up enough my previous post will end up at the top! This could be a revolution in posting!)

The server had a little issue - when we rebooted, there were a brief period of wacky time - i reset the clock a few hours ago. It should be fine now.


No, Tyler, that’s intentional. The living body of Qt3 sees you as a virus (probably accurately), and wants you expunged.

Your posts are being gradually squeezed out by the white corpuscles.