[What The Hell] What are all the Solium Infernum threads?

Seriously, I’m just wondering why SI has all these threads about the individual games people are playing. Are they AARs? Does the game not have good in-game communications?

it’s a ploy by “insiders” or fanboys of that game to create google search trails. tom should delete them all at once. at the very least merge them into one shit-pot.

That looks like it’d be really fun for Ezio Auditore to climb.

Yeah! Stupid fanbois!

Tom receives a nickel for every view that a SI thread gets.

Can we get a separate sub-forum for Soleum Infernem?

I anticipated we’d have two or three games going, so I suggested new games start a thread to talk about how things were going in each particular match. However, I severely underestimated the level of interest. We’re on our way to our tenth game.

Lucky for you guys, the threads aren’t exactly stealthy, so you should be able to ignore them. Also, I expect most of them will drop off the front page pretty quickly.


I think that’s discriminatory - the Dominions players were forced to combine all of their game chatter into one Noby Noby-long thread in which it’s impossible to find anything because it all gets eventually swallowed by the fact that the whole thing is 233 pages long!

All I know is this guy named Vic Davis is awesome because of his Solaris Inferno game, which I think is a PBEM Diablo clone.

Can I lean?

TURN BASED PBEM Diablo clone.

As everyone KNOWS Diablo was originally planned as a turn-based game. So, Vic is being true to the REAL roots of Diablo.

Dominions games don’t even get their own threads. Vic must be awesome!

Those same Dominions players are the people now spamming SI threads, so they probably don’t feel too bad.

No, but you can kneel… and be my dedicated server!

Well, I’m not going to make the mistake that I made with Armageddon Empires. This time I’m waiting for someone to come up with some kind of step-by-step tutorial BEFORE I try a demo. I killed my own interest in A.E. by trying the demo and having no idea what on earth I was looking at. I couldn’t even figure out what to click or how to start a game, or even what was on the screen at the time I played. The Dubious Quality blog later came out with a step-by-step tutorial, but it was too late for me. I’d been scared away forever with my tail between my legs.

I click on the blue-palette shifted demon. SUBMIT TURN.
Drink a potion. SUBMIT TURN.
I click on the blue-palette shifted demon. SUBMIT TURN.
Loot the corpse. SUBMIT TURN.

I yearn for the days when all we had on the first page were Dragon Age threads ;)

This was my experience with AE as well, except that it didn’t deter me from playing. So I clicked on random things to figure out what they do, which was enough to win every single game against the AI.

I haven’t seen a “Solium Infernum is out but I haven’t got it yet” thread, so Dragon Age still wins for sheer inanity.