What the hell

So when I read this:

I felt that the title of the news bit should be appended with “But will still suck cock for money”.


Also, a good rebuttal from Rockstar (or anyone game industry related, for that matter) should be “Game industry asks whores to stop whoring.”

If you rape a prostitute, is that theft? Just wondering.

The prostitutes, like every other character, are also subject to homicide at the hands of the protagonist.

But it’s only really objectionable when it’s prostitutes.

All for me, none for thee.

Or is it more piracy? Because technically they still have the product to sell…

“I tells you what … there this game, this Gran Thef Auto, and they sayin that you can, ya know, kill the workin’ girls in this game…I gonna call my shop steward, 'cause that just don’t represent the skilled members of the purchased sex industry in a favorable manner, and it interferes with the synergistic paradigm of a respected field moving into the focus of a new millenium.” – Roxy “Jizzslobber” Walker, Professional Sex Worker

Ooohh, hey, good argument. This thread is turning out better than I ever suspected!

I just want to know what videogame turned them all into whores.

SWOP (Sex Workers Outreach Project) USA’s website is calling for the ban of - what appears to me, anyway - GTA 1. Good move, SWOP, because like everybody’s still playing GTA 1.

Somebody should tell SWOP in GTA3, you actually get health and vitality for transacting with a sex worker, in a very realistic manner, and they are paid a fair wage for their honest services.

…and you can kill them. But you can kill everyone.

But Bill, we all know no hookers ever were killed or disappeared before the GTA games came out.

Oh God, everyone is whores.
Take Two are whores,
Jack Thompson is a whore,
The whores are whores.
Joe Lieberman is a whore

We have the quadfecta, now if Take Two interactive wants to save us all from videogame legislation, they just need to have a conference with all these other more obvious whores and televise it.

I’d laugh, but laughing at dead hookers is…well, too much like my old job, and I hate talking shop all the time.

You’ll notice on SWOP’s site they barf up the usual “Violent images beget violent behavior” stuff, which is fine. But, you know, nothing about increased hooker crime (as you allude to).

Oh, I pissed a kid off in school when a professor asked us what we do to blow of steam. Some girl said she went shopping, and some guy said he watches football, and the professor called on me and I said, “Well, when I’m feeling down, or I’m mad at my family, I always like to kill a hooker.” Some kid got mad, and the professor* thought it was funny that he was so upset so he kind of let me loose to tease the kid, and so I asked him in front of everyone, “What, was your mom a hooker?” Does my saying “kill a hooker,” magically make hookers die? What is this, Peter Pan? Clap for fairies!

Some people just can’t appreciate a dead hooker joke. I don’t know why. It’s not like their firemen.

*Best Professor ever, he let me taunt the other students during class periods.

I wouldn’t know, I didn’t bother reading much past the headline – it’s far too easy to make fun of.

I also like the fact that there is a group of people calling for a ban on something and their job is against the law.

Prostitution is a victimless crime of debatable morality. Murder isn’t. The hookers’ demands not to be killed in videogames are no more or less valid than cops or teachers.

Prositution is a victimless crime of debatable morality. However, prostitutes are filthy money grubbing monsters that spread disease and love only cocaine. Mother says they are dirty garbage. Mother says dirty garbage goes to the landfill where good clean people don’t have to see it.

That’s all well and good, stusser, but killing in a videogame isn’t murder.

And to think, all this time I thought I was playing a killographic murder simulator.

Er, it isn’t always “victimless.” Pimps, immigrants, underaged, etc.

Murder isn’t.

Tell that to our judicial system! ALRIGHT I’M KIDDING. SORT OF.

The hookers’ demands not to be killed in videogames are no more or less valid than cops or teachers.

I vote, “equally invalid!”

I didn’t make a judgement on the videogames incite violence thing in my post, not sure why anyone read that in there. To make it clear, though, obviously I’m on the sane liberal side of the argument.

Prostitution in the USA has victims because it’s illegal and unregulated.