What the hell

You mean (sane) liberals are in favor of legalized prostitution? That does it! I’m renouncing my status as a moderate and am here forth declaring myself as a hard-core liberal!

Well, the limp-wristed cheese-eating surrender liberals of Europe have legalized prostitution (at least in some places), so…

Also, lets get this straight, is it really that this group, SWOP, wants to improve how prostitutes are portrayed in video games OR some cold hard cash for the terrible crimes already done to them by GTA? Call me cynical but I have always seen the point of prostituting/exotic dancing to fleece suckers for as much cash as possible and, heck, with a deep pocket target like Take Two here you don’t even have to lay down with some stinky sewage worker but just sign your name onto a big class action suit the fine folk of SWOP obviously have already got ready to go. Easy cash and they can portray themselves of victims of a sick society SO its easy cash with some semblance of righteousness. I hope this is QUICKLY laughed out of court. As prostitution is still illegal in most of the US, as soon as the prostitutes get some sort of reparations I’m thinking the pimps and dealers might as well get in line as well for their insensitive portrayal in the GTA series (poor guys).

I will have to double check, but I think the law over here is that prostitution is not illegal, but “communicating for the purposes of prostitution” and “living off the avails of prostitution”, are. =]