What the.... Hellgate: London returns


F that noise, I bought it 12 years ago.


Oh god, you’re not really one of those people are you?


If by those people you mean people that won’t pay for the same game twice on the same platform, then yes I am.


It’s a shame I only have two eyes to roll.


I see six eyes in your avatar.


Then all of them rolled.


You are aware that there is no way these Korean devs, 10+ years after the orignal game released, could even check for the legality of your game and give you this version for free, even if they wanted?

Besides, this is about 10€, so… ???


Everywhere. Every instance with mobs has very quick respawns. You can’t even kite a tough boss around as a ranged character like the old days. I was trying to fight one earlier and as I started to back away I ran into mobs in a part of the instance I had just cleared through merely seconds before. I don’t even think it’s time based. It’s more proximity based now. It’s the absolute worst form of mob respawning ever.


I… don’t… care… ???


It’s ok. We don’t care about you having unreasonable expectations either. :)


You are right, though.
Reality just gets in the way.

March on.


Whew! This is so much worse than I remember.


omg this game was pretty much a kiting simulator to start with


Purchased it.
Could not get it to run.
Refunded it.

Thus is the way of the world.


No, haikus have to be 5/7/5.

Bought that shit on Steam
What the fuck, it doesn’t run?!
Refunded that shit.


Was that… Steam Sale Refund Haiku?

Bravo, sir, bravo.


The impression that I got before I bought this was “It’s an amazing game, but it’s very buggy and has some awkward design choices”. I didn’t really encounter many bugs, and the design is more or less ok, but god does this game suck.

  1. Shooting is awful, literally holding down the fire key 100% of the time once you enter an area…I never thought I’d miss reloading…
  2. Skill trees are shallow and uninspiring. Level 6/7 of foozle lord…yay.
  3. Backpedal ad infinitum.
  4. Monsters that look like gifs with 2 frames.

This was a real head scratcher. I’m all for quirky games that are awesome but convoluted…like…Alpha Protocol for instance, but I can’t for the life of me figure out why this has such a strong cult following.


Sounds like you played the Marksman, which is probably a big part of the problem. This was never a shooter and then they added a class that people think it should be a shooter and it leaves the impression of complete ass.


The engineer is pretty shootery and I’ve been enjoying it.


I actually gave the game a thumbs down because of the incredible amount of bugs, especially the extreme FPS drops that I get every 10-30 minutes that last minutes at a time.
It was just unplayable.

Then I installed the original game + Revival mod 4.0.
Looks better than the Korean Steam version (some models definitely have better textures, especially the enemies).
Has way less strange MMO-insertions and UI problems (you can still see remnants of it being an online game in the UI in the Steam version, while original + Revival just looks better).
The story itself and what NPCs say/how they look/even their names(!!) is actually different in the original!
The game is MUCH more challenging in original+Revival. In the Steam version, you just get constantly showered with loot and enemies are pushovers. They really did make the game much easier in Korea for some reason.
And maybe most importantly, the FPS frame drop doesn’t seem to exist at all in the original+Revival. I played for multiple hours without it happening a single time.

If you have the original disk still lying around somewhere (or if not, you can always ask the bay of pirates for a “scientific research disk”), I really see no reason to use the Steam version over the original+Revival mod version.