What the world needs: Gamma World PC RPG

Seriously. The more I think about it the more I want it. Party-driven, natch. Even better if I could do co-op.

Fallout 3, Borderlands, etc. have whetted my appetite. I want to roll up some mutated people and do it!

Or Star Frontiers or Traveller.

All I can remember about classic Gamma World was the number of 6-sided dice you had to roll for modern weapons, something like 20d6 for a laser blaster and stuff.

“Pure Strain Humans 4 Lyfe”

Yeah, would need to be classic Gamma World. I don’t really want to play a giant cybernetic penguin fighting simulator. Well ok, maybe I do, but I’d still like to see some classic Gamma World action.

Hey who owns Gamma World these days, is it Wizards of the Coast?

Was rumored to be Gamma World related.

i played more Gamma World first edition than I ever did of DnD. I loved the setting.

Currently Hasbro owns Gamma World but they aren’t currently doing anything with the ip.

Yeah, that’s the one Rob! I loved that setting too. I wonder if there’s the slightest possibility that Fallout 3’s success might spur Hasbro into doing something with the property? Well, a dude can dream anyway.

you could try Goblinoid Game’s Mutant Future which is a clone rpg based on Gamma World.


Space Opera or Traveller. Gamma World would be fun.

I’d be all over Gamma World or Star Frontiers.

What I remember most about GW was standing around blasting my friends with my radiation vision trying to trigger new mutations.

Do want.

Damn, where is my Traveller box. Must get home…believe it to be gone…damn.

You can always get the reprints from Marc Miller directly:


What? No mention yet of The Morrow Project?
Prime Base or Bust!

Wow, this game sure has had a convoluted publishing history. I got some of the most recent editions, which evidently flopped (though I enjoyed them, at least reading them):

Evidently WoTC hasn’t done shit with it since 2005, not that that’s very long ago in paper RPG terms.

Personally Fallout 3 has most of what I would want in a Gamma World game, so I’m not pining, though seeing that first edition cover sure as hell did give me a whomping nostalgia blast.

No interest in an version of Gamma World, but the Traveller stuff above eventually got me over to Mongoose Publishing’s site… and they did what looks to be a very nice d20 Traveller, which I’ll probably end up getting.

More modern RPGs seem to have dipped toes into combinatorial/consequential gameplay that changes to suit player character and player character’s choices, but with the huge breadth of mutations in original GW, not sure it would work well within confines of a game if player character could also be a mutant.

Maybe story could be that player was a purebreed, or had a locked set of mutations, but met NPCs with weirder combinations, but most interesting implementation would be fully open-ended mutation ala classic GW character generation. Probably hard as hell to implement in PC/console game though.

I can’t remember if I’m thinking of Gamma World, but IIRC you could make mutant plant characters, as well. I’m pretty sure I had a carnivorous mutant walking tree in that game, way back when.

The world needs Shadow Run with a $50 million budget.

Mmm, Gamma World.
Mmm, Star Frontiers.
Mmm, Twilight 2000.

Mmm-mmm-mmm! Gamma Frontiers 2000!

It’s amazing. Very true in spirit to the original but with a knowing wink to Firefly in at least one example text and some clever streamling and additional systems (like for developing a crew or party that works well together). I’ve been picking these up but you only really need the basic rules to do just about anything. More value per pound than most games. There are even optional rules to handle science fiction technologies that are outside the Classic Traveller Universe setting.

The 760 Patrons supplement is handy too. It’s a good resource for any sci fi or modern setting game if you need an NPC and a new story concept on the fly.