What to do in New York City

The best nyc pizza is di fara, totonno’s, patsy’s in harlem, and lombardi’s, in that order. Di fara is in brooklyn, totonno’s in coney island, and spanish harlem is far enough to qualify as another borough really. Only lombardi’s is in manhattan proper. Di fara smokes Lombardi’s, and so do the better pizza spots in new haven.

Tabla is really excellent, consider it added to my list as well. Danny Meyer’s restaurants are all outstanding.

Carnegie and Stage are no comparison to Katz’s or 2nd ave.

I’m not a big dim sum fan myself, but Chinatown has some of the best that I’ve heard of or tried.

The Little India restaurants are all mediocre, at least all the ones I’ve tried, and I like Indian food. There’s no good reason to travel to NYC just to eat Indian food. New Mother India in Waltham MA is about twice as good as any NYC Indian restaurant, at least those that serve the usual meat-and-sauce Punjabi festival cuisine.

As many people have mentioned, there’s a lot of good restaurants in Brooklyn, especially in the areas currently undergoing gentrification, but if you have limited time in NYC, then spending a lot of time messing around in Brooklyn may not be so great. The Brooklyn museum is awful, and there’s a smaller variety of cultural stuff there than in Manhattan, i.e The City – and of course shopping is not so good, either. Queens has a few worthwhile spots (fewer than Brooklyn), but IMO the Bronx and Staten Island are pretty much worthless for visitors, the Bronx Zoo be damned.

One last thing: Zagat’s guide is pretty good for Manhattan. Because its reports are generally submitted by natives to the area, you have to treat their ratings for other cities and boroughs with a grain of salt. Typically a Manhattan 25 is a great restaurant, whereas a typical Queens 25 might be a 15 or less in Manhattan.

Is there any other way to eat it? That brown mustard is one of the things I miss most from the East. Chicago knows only that horrible French’s yellow crap. Ugh! Even Cleveland knows better. What’s wrong with this town?

I’m not a big dim sum fan myself, but Chinatown has some of the best that I’ve heard of or tried.

As I recall, the dim sum in Boston’s Chinatown, small as it is, was even better, but that was a number of years ago and it may have changed.

ok after several plane delays, im at 60th and lexington heading towards 45th and 8th any food suggestions in that area

That’s the theatre district, just overpriced mediocrity there.

Toraya, if you meant 70’s. Was a great place. Apparently gone.

Or maybe you are talking about Takashimaya Tea Box Cafe (Fifth/54th)?

Yah, that’s it, Takashimaya.