What to do with Joe

Reports are swirling around that the Republicans favorite Democrat Joe Lieberman has been negotiating with the Senate Democratic leadership to retain his chairmanship of the Homeland Security committee.

Dems want to punish him for his activities for the past two years. Lieberman feels all of his criticisms were fair, and although he is willing to accept some punishment, losing his chairmanships is unacceptable to him. Republicans want him to join their caucus, but do not have anything to offer him, should he choose to join.

I’m curious, what do you think should become of Joementum?


Josh Marshall has the right idea.

As someone who remembers his game-stifling crusades, I say get him out of any position of power. Also, how the hell do you back a Republican candidate and then say you want to stay on with the Dems?

Backing McCain isn’t unforgivable. But some of the stuff Lieberman said about Obama (questioning his patriotism) was. Plus Lieberman didn’t just back McCain - he was backing a bunch of downticket candidates as well.

There is a saying, “Keep my name out your mouth”. I think it would have been acceptable for Joe to campaign for McCain, and just never mentioned Obama or the Democrats. He could have simply said, “I am not here to talk about Obama, I am here to talk about McCain.” if asked any questions. But he didn’t. He repeated several of the right wing smears. Had he just kept Obama’s name out of his mouth, he may have had a case to keep his chairmanship. But since he did not, I tend to side with the punish argument. Perhaps leave him his seniority in deference to some of the good he has done previously, but take his chairmanship. And if he argues, then take his seniority and let him go to the other side. He doesn’t help them much, because the only issue he agrees with them on is national security.


He loses the chairmanships. What’s amazing is the arrogance that it takes to think that he shouldn’t.

He constantly talks about his ethical stances, and bipartisanship, but he didn’t stick with his side in the bad times, and he doesn’t get to share in the wealth during the good.

Obama spent political capital to help him with his re-election and he fucked him over anyway, so now he gets what he gets.

Also, he isn’t actually a Democrat anymore. So there’s that.

I think it would be a good, bipartisan gesture to cut Lieberman a break. And this despite the fact that personally, I can’t stand the guy, and was really hoping that he’d get voted out of office in that last election.

“Cutting him a break” doesn’t have to mean “allowing him to continue as chariman of various committees.” I think the Dems should remove him from the chairs, but invite him to continue to caucus with them.

If he’s as “principled” as he wants everyone to believe he is, party affiliation and offices shouldn’t actually affect how he votes, right?

I see Harry Reid and Joe in a Senate back room, Harry’s strong little old-man fingers with Joe’s frail wrists in an iron grip, forcing the esteemed senator from Connecticut to repeatedly slap himself in his face. As this happens Ted Kennedy, Russ Feingold, Chris Dodd and John Kerry take turns jeering ‘stop hitting yourself, Joe! Stop hitting yourself!’

That’s really the crux of it right there. How many Republicans kept their committee chairmanships after 2006? Lieberman was lucky to have the numbers fall in his favor then, and that’s the only reason he wasn’t out on his ass two years ago. But rather than use that borrowed time to rebuild his relationship with the party in power that he’d been dicking over all this time he decides to endorse McCain and speak at the Republican convention? Yeah, fuck him in the goat-ass.

I think he should buy a plumbing business.

He should lose his chairmanships. No reason to reward his behavior. If that makes him take his ball and go to the Republicans, who have nothing to offer him, that’s his dumbass choice to make.

As an outsider I’d say it’s a pretty obvious move to dump him out on his ass however…

Joe is obviously good at playing both ends against each other to further his goals. I wouldn’t be suprised if he managed to find a way to make himself valuable enough to convince folks to let him keep his chairmanship.

They should give him a wedgie, a swirly and a Zell Miller (a good spitballing).

My guess is, that because Reid appears to be an amoral dufus, that the nature of his punishment will depend on what President Obama wants it to be.

They should elevate the senior Democrat on the Homeland Security Committee to the chairmanship of course (unless that’s the other independent guy, who didn’t go out of his way to smear the Democrats). Good for party unity and discipline.

Someone on Hardball suggested that Obama should give Lieberman a position on his Cabinet. Then, the Connecticut Governor will pick a Democrat to replace him and pick up another seat.

Maybe they could let him keep his chairs, but make those committees only meet on Saturdays?

I really, really doubt that Obama is going to be fiddling with the internal workings of the Senate Democratic caucus.

Glad I’m not the only one that remembers this. Let him sleep in the bed he made.

Aside from his not being a democrat, his smearing of democrats, and his general sliminess, there’s also the practical issue that you can’t trust him with such power, as there’s a solid chance he’ll use it against you.

So yah, fine, let Joe’s Momentum carry him over to being a Republican in name as well as in deed. He’ll be less damaging there as a has-been, than he is now with the undue limelight he’s given.

I don’t think Joe really wants to go to the Republicans. He’ll 1) lose his seniority and 2) lose his seat in the next election. But this is the bed he made, too bad for him.


Obama is not the president yet, as even he will remind you. He is still a Senator. In fact, he’s on the committee that Lieberman chairs.


That’s not so far-fetched when you consider his sanctimonious attacks on Bill Clinton. Screw Joe Lieberman.