What to do with old game guides?

I’m cleaning out my library and have some old game guides (before the Internet made them pretty pointless). While I’m saving a few to my favorite games (like Civilization II’s or Ultima), I’m to a point where I really need to get rid of most of them.

The local library won’t take them. I’m not eager to pay postage to get rid of them. Well, more precisely, my wife isn’t eager to pay postage to get rid of them. I’d consider mailing them to a single destination, like a Museum of Old Game Guides. But I’m guessing nothing like that exists. =( Certainly would dispose of them to a local person (I’m in NC’s Triangle area).

Got ones from Return to Zork, Might and Magic VI, some SimCity ones (original, 2000, and 3000), some various MSFS ones, that sort of thing.

What do you guys do with your old guides? It’s hard to toss them when some are by Johnny Wilson, Shay Adams, and other names I fondly remember from gaming past. =/

eBay. Collectors would jump all over them.

I don’t buy them anymore for this very reason (OK, that and gamefaqs).

Half-price Books will pay a small amount for most of them if you have a local one.

I may try and toss them on eBay. A few may go for something, at least. The Might and Magic VI one was something like $15, but it was one of those “buy now” things from a retailer so I doubt they’d actually get that, not like it was an item with active bidding going on up to that amount.

None in NC, but there is one in KY where I’ll be in a few weeks so I may do that.

Yeah, same here. That and most modern guides are strictly guides to the game and don’t contain the cool interviews, background, etc. that some of the early guides used to. I still buy some game books but it’s mostly theory / history / etc. related.

There’s a small local area used bookstore in Raleigh and Fayetteville called Edward McKay or Edwin McKay. Something like that. It’s been a few years since I lived there.

Anyway, they deal in buying and selling used books, games and software. I’d give them a try.

That’s what attics and those cheap Costco plastic storage boxes are for. I just keep them, rubber-banded to the original game boxes containing the disks and manuals.

I’d forgotten about that place – used to be able to find some good used RPG stuff at the Fayetteville one what with Fort Bragg next to it. I’ll check it out, thanks!

I’ve gotten away with that for years but the wife has finally had enough of the clutter – even in the attic. This came to a head as she was fishing out decorations and the like over the holidays. =/

I have a whole bookshelf full of these things. Admittedly about 10 of them are DAOC-related which I got for free, but the rest represent things I paid entirely too much for!

Which is why I can’t bear to get rid of them. Plus, you never know, I may play Final Fantasy 8 again some day.