What to do with this f*ing racist

What’s the best way to fuck this guy up? Legally, of course.

It’s ok to hate them, they hate other people!

How about the same thing you do with the other three billion racists worldwide: nothing.

Ok now thats funny!

Oh, come on! An anonymous DOS would be funny. Funny.

Yeah, screwing everyone else on his network segment, great stuff. Causing work for techs who have nothing to do with this guy, great stuff.

If only we had nothing to do with this guy and his ilk.

Why don’t you find him and try to beat him/her up? I’m not saying this in a “Oh, let’s show him that anger is wrong” type way, I’m saying this in a “let’s have some manly action” kind of way.

If you’re really het up about it, be willing to take some consequences. Chances are he won’t press charges, anyway.


Get onto his network, and change your computer name to Malik_Goldstein. If he kicks you off, keep trying to force yourself onto the network. Maybe mix up the names, like Leroy_Ashkenazi, or Maury_Lumumba, or something.

Whys is any action required? If it’s meant as a joke, it’s hilarious, and if it’s not, at least he has the decency to publicly announce his proclivities. Either way, everyone wins.

I’m betting it’s owned by a black guy and a jew.

Its likely to be a reference to racism rather than racism, since it uses stereotypical words more familiar to mainstream culture than racist culture.

Its comforting for Joe Schmoe to think that all racists would be so obvious, but unfortunately the opposite is much closer to the truth.

And what would an “authentic” example of racist SSID labeling be? Does the racist culture have a whitepaper on this?

More importantly, to which body do I submit a RFO? (request for oppression) The Institute of Racist Redneck Raconteurs? Institute of Wireless Whitey WANs?

In short, sir, I accuse you of colonophony.


I don’t exactly know. Lets see if I can come up with something…

Nope, I can’t.

That seems like an effective strategy to me, however. Whitewash (pardon the pun) racist slogans by using those slogans in reference rather than in direct meaning, thus corrupting any racist connotations of the term.

So if for every 1 person who uses the term to express racism 100 people use it to reference racism, anyone who is LOOKING FOR a racist by means of their SSID handle is like looking for a needle in a haystack. Now he has to at least go through the trouble of “dialing number after number from the phonebook” and announcing to 50some people that he is a racist in order to actually FIND a racist. By that time, or probably before that time, he is tied up to a stake and burned, or socially ostracized, or whatever the current order of the day is for dealing with racists.

This seems like an attack on free speech to me, or at least an attack on free speech by means of SSID expression, but sometimes free speech has to take a backseat in order to support anti-racism, know what I mean? Nevermind, I’m sure you do.

They may have a toiletpaper on this.

Just more Tyranny of the Majority. Just more of the nanny-state. They are always ready to oppress. They are always ready to demonize. They have marginalized smokers. They have demonized racists. Homosexuals used to be demonized the same way.

You’d just better hope, in your freedom, that your group is not next.

True respect for freedom of speech is respect for it in all avenues, all mediums, covering all honest speech.

Using “NoBlacksorJews” as your handle in anything but an honest manner is the TRUE crime being committed here. What a shame, what a dirty shame, that those 99 people think they are noble. How wrong they are.

Tell me what you accuse yourself of.

Ending a sentence in a preposition? No, wait . . .


Freedom of speech does not mean sitting back and letting fuckheads say whatever the please, and name their LANs whatever they want. Obviously, they have the right to do that. But I have a right to get my panties in a knot about it and get on their network and change all their jpgs to goatse or something.

Since when is “they have a right to express themselves” synonymous with STFU?

That, sir, is brilliant.

a black jew? is he a gay republican too? :D

(edit - actually “black_jew_gay_republican” would be a fun name too)

I didn’t realize how much I’ve missed you until this moment.

Grammar nazi! That’s something up with which I won’t put.

That means the response warranted would be…naming your LAN something that you assume would be similarly offensive to him/her/it. Most everything else you’ve thought about so far in this thread would be pretty thinly covered by whatever shred of incitement you are clinging to…and I am not even talking on a legal level. I mean on a personal level. How easily offended you must be to let the name of someone’s LAN push your buttons.

Since when is “they have a right to express themselves” synonymous with STFU?

Most of what you are talking about here is far beyond the point of equal and opposite speech.

I was thinking more a couple, hopefully same sex. You know, since that would automatically immunize them from the wrath of the easily offended.

Well, first off, I certainly do not think that their right to speech implies your right to hack their network. You have every right to counter-speech. But then again, we all have the right to say “Jesus, fire, if you’re going to get this worked up everytime someone says they don’t like blacks or Jews, you’re going to spend a lot of time with knotted panties.” Lots of people are bigots. It sucks and it’s wrong and I certainly wouldn’t spend any time associating with them, but at the same time I recognize that they’re entitled to their opinion, just as I’m entitled to my bigot-hating opinion. And if you’re going to go all vigilante haxor on somebody, there are much better candidates than this loser.