What version NVIDIA drivers do you use?

Was just wondering…I’m still using 45.23, because I HATE that built-in pop-up blocker that there’s no way to disable that they included in the later revisions…what version drivers do you folks use/think the best/has fewest conflicts with games?

Nvidia includes a pop-up blocker as part of their video driver suite?

How … odd.

Yes, that is odd.

I’ve had to use the 61.76 drivers for my GF3. Anything later and I get stuck at using 16 colors and 640x480 after installing.

I’m currently using 61.77 with my Geforce 3 Ti200.

66.93 on a Ti4800. No idea what that popup thing is about either.

75.90 (beta) on my 6800. Works just fine.
Don’t think there has been a popup blocker for a long time - 45.23 is old :P

This thread reminded me to upgrade my nVidia drivers to the latest. I was hoping it would fix the new LSL demo that crashes when I try to run it. Alas, it has not. That’s not a game I was particularly interested in buying anyway, after reading the reviews (prefer old-style LSL).

I don’t recall nVidia drivers ever having a pop up blocker. That doesn’t even make sense.

I don’t use Nvidia drivers. I use these:


and never had a problem so far.

Wow, these look very cool. Do you think they’re worth trying? Are they regularly updated?

I haven’t updated mine from the version that’s listen on there.
Released on 10/14/2004 , so I don’t think they’re updated that often. It’s no problem though because unless you’ve got the latest card then you don’t need to. And they are definatly worth seeing if they work on your system.

Alright, you sold me. I’ll give 'em a try. Maybe they won’t cause BSOD crashes like Nvidia’s drivers do on occasion.

Awesome , let us know how you go.

I just finished downloading the Omega drivers as well. Wish me luck…

edit - Okay I installed it and played a couple games. Haven’t really noticed anything spectacular yet…

I can’t tell any difference between the different screenshots for the Omega
drivers. Perhaps someone should tell them that the JPEG format is lossy? ;)

I looked at the Quake 3 shots (sans Anisotropy) and the Omega drivers do have sharper textures than the default nVIDIA ones (you can see this on the floor, and on the right wall). You can achieve the exact same results by lowering the Mipmap LOD on the Detonators though, so it’s not anything special. The downside (and you see this in the middle of the floor on that Q3 shot) is that the textures sometimes tend to have a moire-like effect, which is why I usually leave it at 0.

I haven’t seen any bugs or anything, but I haven’t seen any reason to switch either.

I hate to do this because everybody else has probably long since ceased to find this humorous, but nobody has done it yet and even though I can’t understand why, I just find the whole meme really entertaining.

So here goes:



I love that. You’re awesome E5 :D

Damn, I missed that opportunity.

Recently reverted from the Xtreme G 71.84s back to good ol’ 66.93 on my 6800 GTO. The XGs had been causing (I think) increased sound dropout playing CoH.

I’m using the 66.81’s I think. The 66.93 drivers caused BSOD’s for me, and the 61.77 ones caused issues in EQ2.