What was the last movie you saw in a theatre?

I was a regular movie goer, but Corona put a stop on that.

The last movie I watched in a theatre was The Gentlemen by Guy Ritchie. I am okay with that, it was great fun. They become more and more clockwork-type movies like Wes Anderson movies already are.
There was a heavy reference to the Merchant of Venice by Shakespeare in The Gentlemen, I need to check the play out, maybe there are more references.

Now I remember, The French Dispatch by Wes Anderson was going to come out soon. Will have to wait for it a bit longer.

So what movie was your last one?

Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens (2015)

Yep… I don’t see much of anything real time anymore, its always months or years later. D:

The last Star Wars movie.

I don’t usually go to the movies. Just the Star Wars movies to avoid spoilers and be able to take part in the discussion.

  1. I kind of wish it was Knives Out now (that was the other option that day) but it was certainly an experience best seen on the big screen.

Logan, whenever that came out.

Parasite. It was my last “free” movie with my local cinema membership, so I wasn’t planning to see anything else until it rolled over in April. Looks like I won’t have any choice in the matter now.

I actually saw Bloodshot a week ago (took wipes to disinfect my seat, etc), and I walked out thinking it had not been worth the risk.

Same movie, different reason. 3 kids 6 and under means movies are $$$. So my wife and I each pick one movie for our birthdays.

She was planning on hers being Black Widow. Oops. Movie theaters still likely to be closed in a month.

That’s a plus one for me, good buddy! I’ve made it a point to see all the Star Wars movies in the theater, maybe the last movies I’ve done so. Not opening night though, not anymore. In fact it was the last night it was in my local theater now that I think about it.

Birds of Prey and the something something of Harley Quinn. We regretted not going to see 1917 instead.

The 2020 Invisible Man. It was pretty good. Was gonna see the special one week screening of Extra Ordinary, but then first I had a cold and then she had a fever. (probably not COVID). We were all set to maybe go see Onward or something since she was feeling better…and theaters closed. Probably just as well, I suppose.

Either 1917 or Uncut Gems. We had a baby late last year so I missed several weeks, and then this happened. Looking forward to re-activating A-list later this year, assuming normalcy returns.

The Call of the Wild is the last movie I saw, in February. It was entertaining movie, and a interesting take on CGI for those animals.

  1. Enjoyed it.

Parasite, 12 days ago. There were only two other people in the theater, which was awesome.

Did you…really think it was going to be?

The Lighthouse, in November.

Knives Out, about a month ago. Fantastic experience - so glad I saw it in The Theatre

I can’t even remember.

I’m sure there was something after Revenge of the Sith, but I can’t remember whatever it was.
So… yeah.