What web-comic was this?!?

Ok, so I’ve been trying to remember this web-comic from many years ago, and so I hope to tap into qt3’s collective memory. If I remember correctly, the strips tended towards very dark humor. And the only cartoon that I can actually remember remotely clearly had Batman struggling to eat a steak with the caption “Batman vs. Steak.”

So does anyone remember this site/web-comic? And is it still around? I thought it was funny at the time, and I am curious to see if it still is, or if I just went through a Rimbo-esque phase in my life.


The Parking Lot Is Full. It doesn’t seem to be in their archives (legal threats?), but it’s referenced here.

(Edit: The archives are sometimes NSFW).

You are a national treasure! Thanks!

I still hold the March 06, 1998 comic as the best of PLIF.

A 20x20 white gif?

I happen to really like minimalism.

Despite this, I can see the comic from the link. Not sure why others wouldn’t be able to as well. I guess I could’ve committed some kind of link-stupidity.

It’s blocking off-site referrals, so you’re probably just seeing it from your cache. Everyone else will have to copy-and-paste the link to the address bar.