What were you doing in 1995?

I turned 23 that year. I spent it unemployed, living the casual student life as I slept in my parent’s basement and slowly worked on my History degree. Running a BBS consumed a good part of the year, and my first real relationship consumed most of the rest. I remember playing Warcraft 2 a lot, and spending many hours on Usenet posting in the comp.sys.ibm.pc.games.* hierarchy.

I’m still paying off the student loans from those years, argh.

I was wondering what I’d be doing in 2011.

Graduating high school and heading right off to Basic Training. One of the best years of my life.

3rd grade

Third year of my second year at college - I had too many extracurricular things going on to attend classes…

Freshman in high school? Maybe sophomore.

Graduating from law school and taking the bar, and then getting my first job as an attorney.

Add about three years to that age calculation you might be doing.

I was working three jobs at the same time. I do not recommend this.

One of the jobs was one of many I’ve had where the company swirled down the drain into bankruptcy/insolvency/buyout-and-downsizing shortly after I joined. I also do not recommend this.

Depending on the time of year, being a sophomore or a junior in high school and getting addicted to the internet thanks to the Homer IRC program.


…I was five. First grade FTW!

I was at Luke AFB in Phoenix, AZ, grooving on Tempest 2000.

Discovering my love of skateboarding.

7th or 8th grade.

Working at the Egghead Software in San Rafael, CA. I remember Windows 95 being one of the first real midnight releases. I remember so many good games and good times with my coworkers and customers, plus the Lucas Arts employees that always would stop by.

I have one good memento left from those days - a licence plate frame that say “I’d rather be driving in SimCity.”

I was busy killing my academic career in a haze of alcohol, depression, and a relationship that while amazing at the time proved to be ultimately destructive in a lot of ways.

… Hey, you asked.

Watching OJ on TV. you’re not getting my age that easily, sir.

I was in my first year working in the village in NYC for a financial services / software company, which I have a lot of fond memories of. We’d eventually move to the World Trade Center, where I worked until 1999. (They relocated in February 2001.)

And although I’d had plenty of computer experience before that, 1995 was the year I got my first Windows PC, running Win95. The first two games I bought for it: Dark Forces and Myst. It was the year I basically got my first email address, got on the internet, etc, etc.

First year after college. Losing my warehouse job in a plumbing supply outfit (that I was totally only working at until I used my Sociology degree) in Pennsylvania . Moved in the parents in Virginia.

Found a temporary store setup job that morphed into retail job (as befitting a Sociology degree), I think I was a shift supervisor/on the cusp of Asst manager-ship by the end of the year. Also scouting out cheap apartments for my girlfriend (wife to be) to move to Virginia. We moved in around Jan 96.

That and a lot of X-Wing, Descent, Ascendancy and Master of Magic time. I little bit of Quake.

I started dating my wife in 1995. I was an undergrad in college. I also picked my major that year (philosophy) after a few abortive attempts at other majors that I ultimately hated but had pursued because my family pushed me toward them (engineering and CS). On the downside I dropped out of my promising local band in order to focus on schooling. I miss that. It would be the last year I was ever in a band.