What were you doing in 1995?

-played a ton of M:TG
-got my first job in a grocery store butcher department
-got my first (doomed) Camaro
-graduated high school
-started my first year in college
-and went to work (it wasn’t really working) at Best Buy

Hey I worked in the meat dept. at Kroger for 5 years. Small world. And yes, 1995 was one of those years.

That was the year I fled the unpredictability and instability of academia for the safety and security of the entertainment business.

Dude, I worked across the street from you from 97 to 99. Literally. WFC, Building B, or the “American Express” building. I worked for Nomura Securities. We had 2 floors sandwiched between Merrill.

I’m the same age. At 23 I realized that I was going to be worthless if I didn’t get my act together (having already failed out of college) so I moved to another city to get away from my friends. Started an IT career in a year or so and worked on certifications during my off hours. I’m still in IT, have never taken on any debt besides a car or house, and do pretty well for a dropout.

Let’s see, I would have been 18 years old, a college freshman (or sophomore in later 95). I was employed at Pizza Hut as a driver, I was a crappy disinterested student, and I spent a ton of time hanging out with my room-mates in my first real non-university/non-parental place. As I recall we played a lot of Earthdawn and PS1 games. Good times.

Grade… 5? I think. Heading into grade 6? I think that was the year I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis. Not the best of times.

Ha! During this time, I was also playing in a number of bands, and was dating the singer from one of them, who worked for Merrill Lynch in that building, and I visited regularly. So it’s entirely possible we rode some elevators together. :)

My company bought 100 Church Street and I had an office there about 97-98. Right next to the post office building. We also owned some buildings on Park Place. I bought my very first cellphone in that radio shack under the WTC.


Earthdawn is very underrated. I wish someone would make a CRPG with that system, though I realize the license is probably in a floaty place without FASA being around…or are they around still? I remember they were closing at one point, but sometimes these companies pop back.

Working as a post-doctoral fellow at the Papers of James K. Polk project at the University of Tennessee, in the first part of the year. Teaching history at the University of Georgia in the latter part of the year. Playing a lot of computer games.

Worked fairly crazy hours and lived in a cool flat in Georgetown for the first half, then moved to Vienna and didn’t enjoy it much for the second.

Dead. Dead as hell. Their various IPs have been carved off to various other companies. Earthdawn is currently at RedBrick Limited. Catalyst Game Labs (via FanPro LLC via WizKids) got most of the stuff that has any mainstream cachet (Battletech and Shadowrun both went to them).

In 1995 I was in college in Missoula, Montana, working on my second degree. I moved into an apartment that I had to myself after some money came through from my family. That allowed the apartment and also meant I didn’t have to work at all while I finished my degree. At one point my plan was to take an epic road trip to Canada after my one summer class was finished, but I ended up getting bronchitis so that never happened. I did come out to Seattle one weekend for a wedding, though.

I was 21.

Just moved to Salt lake City all alone, 800 miles from where I grew up. I had been on my own since 18, but never out of SoCal.

Introduced to Dungeons and Dragons for the first time by co-workers in Salt Lake.

D&D inspired me to buy Warcraft 2, because that game had Orcs, ogres and typical fantasy tropes I had never heard about before, but was intrigued by at the time. Previous gaming was mostly PC Shooters, Arcade Fighters and NES games.

Started going hiking for the first time in my life, up in the Wasatch mountains. I used to go alone, completely unprepared, and had absolutely no idea what I was doing or where I was going. Being raised in a heavily urban environment, I didn’t know any better. I think back and wonder how I didn’t get myself killed. I had a certain feeling of invincibility, that I guess comes with youth and inexperience – so I never gave it a second thought.

I had been on BBS’s for several years, but got my first internet connection through a local dial-up ISP in Salt lake. I first discovered Usenet/newsgroups and spent a lot of time in comp.sys.ibm* gaming groups.

Watched my first Monty Python movies.

First/second grade, I think, still recovering from the eye surgery that dominantes my memories of kindergarden. I also switched elementary schools due to redistricting, which didn’t really help my social awkwardness. Already very well acquainted with computers thanks to my dad.

Made the always-difficult transition from fourth to fifth grade; fell in love with the Smashing Pumpkins.

Hung out on compuserve’s gamers forum. Worked the same job I have now.

Hey me too!

I do remember buying windows 95 and installing it off all of those damn floppies!