What were you doing in 1995?

Some little studio snagged the license and still publishes the product. With occasional new editions no less. Though honestly none of their changes impressed me.

Earthdawn was fun for some of its concepts and flavor but over time it felt so much like playing D&D that our group started to burn out on it.

Working on the art for Lord of the Rings: Volume III, a particularly annoying project because it never came to fruition.

Living in the Mission district of San Francisco, being all polyamorous and bigtime rave-y, segueing out of a job at Autodesk and into a very ahead-of-its-time virtual worlds company in Cupertino. (Part I of this story, basically.)

Ahh, those were the days. Fortunately, these days here are also the days.

I was a chipper and hyperactive 10 year old being thrown out of classes for making dog noises.

Let’s see…

in 1995 I would have turned 40, celebrated my 14 wedding anniversary, had daughters who were 5 and 2.

I probably had a Compaq 386 (286) and played Quest for Glory. I will have to look that up now.

I was 11. I got third in my school’s chess tournament. Otherwise usual kid things. Playing sport and doing my homework. I don’t think I played much in the way of computer games back then. Generally Commander Keen series and a few other Apogee titles.

Like quite a few other Qt3 folk, I turned 23 that year. Mainly I recall being in grad school, and also constantly broke and tired. It wasn’t my favorite year.

About to start high school. I remember being mad as hell I didn’t get my braces off before the first day of school.

Freshman year of high school.Go SMS Raiders! I believe my Lion King obsession was starting to wane at that point , to the relief of all who knew me. It would be replaced by another fixation, though I can’t for the life of me remember which one right now.

In 1995 I was around 7 years old, so it must have been around that time I started playing PC games with Wolf 3D and Doom. I’ve never used BBSs :(

I transferred to Rutgers New Brunwsick in January and have more or less been in Jersey ever since.

I discovered playing Doom over DWango, and then I discovered ‘long distance’ phone bills (to NYC) which wasn’t anything nice. But hey, I felt like I was cool with dialup internet access from my dorm room to the university network.

Freshman/sophomore in college. Much like the rest of my adult life, it was a waste in every conceivable way.

'95 was one of those lost years for me somewhere between dropping out of university and getting married in 2000. That period of my life, the years tend to run together in a blur. I was probably working on a zine (hey, it was the nineties), listening to Pavement’s Wowee Zowee obsessively and proclaiming that the end of The Ramones meant the end of music, and working dead-end service industry jobs to make ends meet.

Student taught with the bitch from hell for 3rd grade, the awesome guy for 7th grade geography, graduated with my BS in elementary ed and history, looked for a job, didn’t find a job, fucking subbed from September through December (and beyond…but that’s for the upcoming 1996 thread). Oh, and broke up with my girlfriend/fiancee on the night of my college graduation. That gave graduation a deeper meaning…or something.

My gaming was all still in the dying days of the Amiga.

Sitting in seats behind home plate to watch this all unfold.

/Yankees fan shakes fist angrily

Where was I that night? I was in a hotel in the Hamptons, having just completed a 2-day, 100-mile charity bike tour for MS. I had done the tour with a female friend and we were relaxing and recovering in our room, both of us too tired to move. I could barely summon the energy to yell NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO as Griffey raced for home.

After the game, I remember seeing Jim Leyritz walk out of the Yankees locker room dressed like Zorro. Wide-brimmed black hat and everything.

May I join you on the porch? I was sworn in in December 1994, so '95 was my first year of practice as an attorney.

I was a few years older than my classmates, too. I worked a couple years between undergrad & law school, and took four years in law school. The market sucked then (though not as badly as now), so I switched to part-time law school to keep my full-time law clerk gig.

1995 was the year I started the longest job I ever had (various duties at a sports information service) and bought the car I’d own the longest (an '88 RX-7). I kept both for the next 11 years. Otherwise, I spent time playing X-COM/TftD and being blissfully unaware that the Royals were entering their first of 16 seasons and counting as MLB’s laughing stock.

Using the internet to find pictures of Mars that the rover was returning. At least, I think that was that year.