What will happen if I drill small holes in a flatscreen monitor?

Will the whole thing fuck up, or will I have a working monitor with holes in it? Also, how cheap can I get a very high quality flatscreen monitor that doesn’t look like shit even when viewed from extreme angles? Also, what is the resolution like on these puppies? Thanks in advance!

It depends on where the hell you want to drill the holes… and may I add, why?!?

It’s a secret. So where would be good places to drill? I need a bunch of holes. Maybe twenty or thirty.

As long as it’s just in the casing, it shouldn’t cause anything bad to happen.
BUT WHY, MAN, WHY? Were you attacked by a monitor as a child, and want to exact
revenge upon the species now that you’re big enough to handle a drill?

Please get back to us on this. Twenty or thirty?

You all will never understand my science!

What will happen? The Technology Gods will smite thee, heathen!

If the holes are to be cosmetic, why not use stickers? Oh wait, are you the guy who wanted to use an LCD as a painting and built a house of bricks made from papier mache bricks formed by pulping $20 bills?

I think I speak for everyone here that no matter where you drill the holes, no matter what it’s for, and no matter what the result, it is imperative that you photograph and document the entire process for us.

Yes. Any hole you drill through an LCD screen will destroy the entire monitor.

Bullshit. Everyone knows that when you drill holes in an LCD screen, candy comes out. And I agree with Hawkeye, tape it so we know if they’re Skittles or M&Ms.

Maybe he wants to do that thing where you make a cheap projector by stripping the guts out of an LCD monitor and put them on an overhead projector.

I’d hate to see the bulb life, though.

Someone email The A-Team’s theme song to Theo first?

The LCD screen is one sheet of glass, a very thin one. Now if think you can drill a hole through a thin sheet of glass without cracking it, go for it.

Although, come to think of it, even if you managed to somehow pull this off, there is a lot of circuitry in the glass (the ones that go to pixels) and if you damaged one of those lines, you would have a fucked up display.

I think its pretty safe to say, this is a really bad idea.

I can’t read this title without substituting “in my head”. In any case I’m guessing that the likely outcome is similar for the entity involved. But that doesn’t stop me from being curious to see what actually happens if he goes through with it.

Trepanning: good for the body, good for the soul.

Go for it, T-Rex.

and so - can you drill holes in a flatscreen and not break it?


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