What will happen if I drill small holes in a flatscreen monitor?


Dec 18, Scroll up; Dec 2015
Seems ok here?

Nice thread necro btw.
Back in those days I never dared venture outside games forum due to the snark.

Edit: So, this thread is only active on the 12th month of each year, no?


I read that in Bunsen Honeydew’s voice.


You are doing things correctly!


If he were drilling through e-ink there would be no problem.


God, so many old names and flashbacks re-reading this thread.


I finally have 2 solid theories for the small holes:

Theory #1 - He had a room-mate or workmate he didn’t trust. He was thinking of getting a really nice monitor and the only way he felt he could secure it was to thread cable through it many times. He said “security” in the post and also mentioned buying a new screen. So it was a wild-shot idea he had while drunk one evening.

Theory #2 - He was going to go for a decorative look and one of the holes would hide a small camera. I remember plenty of monitors that had lots of “holes” of varying sizes in a wavy pattern across the bezel. This was back in the CRT era when Gateway was still a thing.


At last, thanks to an Apple patent, we know what this was all about.


Ah, so that is where Theodore Rex works. He finally managed to pull it off, and to think we scoffed at him. Perhaps he is laughing all the way to the bank.


2017 will truly be a year of miracles.


… he was secretly Jony Ive the whole time!


You have to respect a thread that lasts 10 years.


Crafty bastard…


You know you love it, you cheeky bugger.


I mean, why didn’t they try monitors too? Maybe he takes requests.


Dude’s wife is like, “Why do all of my glasses have holes in them?”

Where was this when I was making bongs in the 70s?


This thread will never die. Nor should it.


What is drilled may never die!


Yet with strange eons, even LCDs may die!


Ph’nglui mglw’nafh Cthulhu Rex wgah’gnaw fhinger


This is my favorite thread in the entire forum.