What will happen if I drill small holes in a flatscreen monitor?


I like this guy heh.


It’s 2019.
You should read this thread.


And the one about chewing on his hand.


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Why anyone would want to drill more than 10 small holes into a lcd is beyond me, diminishing returns sets in very quickly.


Well for one thing, if you can’t find your brightness controls, this will let far more light out of your monitor. Ideally, one hole per pixel, but not many have the patience required for such a project.


However, remember that if you observe where the light from the holes hits you will collapse the waveform.


I hear they’re doing this to smartphones now.


A hole in the exact center of my monitor instead of a normal webcam would make Skyping better.


It would also let you aim better in those ironsights FPSs.


Yea, my college roommate used that trick to “hack” in counter strike. Used a pocket knife to puncture a little tiny hole right where the crosshairs would be.


Did he major in stupid? A little piece of wet paper would do the trick non-permanently.


He’s running an ad agency now, but yeah, he’s a doofus too.


How is it that this monitor thread gets kicked up every year but not the hand one? That one is even more baffling than drilling holes in monitors.


What hand one? I just remember the non-lethal nets used to intercept enemy jet fighters.

You know what… Shit, that would actually work to take down US drones now.


Well… Guess you missed @Richvr’s post a bit further up?


Sorry, if you go to the post I replied to, Rich links it there.


I had read this monitor thread before, but not the hand one.

Holy shit I haven’t laughed like that in forever.

I especially liked ElGuapo’s comments calling out the humor.