What will happen if I drill small holes in a flatscreen monitor?

Vaguely. I’m about ready to eat lunch. I’ll look it up between bites.

Oh man, vaguely. I might have to go back to that one.

I recommend oatmeal with chocolate chips for your lunchtime reading session.

Some corn kernels too.

Is it possible to both miss that Whitta is gone, and be glad he is gone, for the exact same reasons?

Or chocolate fudge with peanuts.

Did someone drill holes in him?

Chewed on his hand.

Damn, that’s a sorry way to go. Poor guy. :(

For some reason I’ve also never seen this thread before - at least, not the contents.


I try to bump this thread every year if someone else doesn’t do it first.

A fucking gnat crawling on my screen turned out to be a fucking gnat crawling in my screen. Obviously I must now drill into my monitor to remove the corpse after squishing and realizing this (to my great horror).

In reality, I have no idea what to do. DIY take this apart? Wait for it to dry, rot, and fall down? Buy a new monitor? Sigh.

Insert a spider into the HDMI port, duh.

No, you use the World Wide Web to get a spider. Duh.

Try using Gopher.

I would look up what likes to eat gnats, then get a video of that creature playing on youtube near the squished gnat on the screen. Problem solved, no holes necessary.

Flash your Theodore_Rex_DX Bat-signal and he will come and fix everything with his drill.

Keep your fingers in your pocket, though. Dude likes to chew on fingers.

QT3 has got you covered.