What will happen if I drill small holes in a flatscreen monitor?


He didn’t say which side of the security issue he was on. Maybe we’re dealing with a Blofeld-in-training here, laying down unnecessarily-complicated traps for those pesky secret agents…


Ohhh, didn’t think of that. Go forth, my son!


Cameras should point at the computer, not from them. The assault rifle should be installed on top of the monitor. The PA system should be office-wide.


hmmmmmmmmm, so the holes hold lasers that measure the distance of parts of the face from the screen so that only the user whose face matches the one stored on file can use the computer?


The real answer to this question is: You will have to buy a new LCD monitor if you drill holes in your current one.

If you want to attach lasers or something, why not glue the mountings on or come up with any other system that does not involve a drill and a LCD monitor.


If it’s a security issue, you’ll want to grab a FreeBSD-based drill. They are audited specifically for vulnerabilities, although they can be difficult to use. Don’t fall for some Windows-based drill becuase they’re in league with the NSA.


I think he’s just so rich that he’s making cheese graters out of LCD monitors.


He wants to catch his son furiously masturbating to his pr0n collection.


We’ll never know, he E5’ed and bailed on his own thread.


“The files are IN the computer?”


The entire time I’m reading this thread, I can’t help but think of Homer Simpson.

Speed holes


So, any drilling yet?


Whatever McMaster. Don’t try and steal his idea for your own fledgling small business. Industrial espionage is rampant!



No. I have a monitor, but it’s not hooked up to a machine so I can’t test if it will totally fuck it up or not. I wish I hadn’t got so many conflicting opinions in this thread - I’d really rather not find out by fucking up a valuable piece of equipment.


Well you’ll have to. Try a few test holes in your eyes first, they can take a mistake easier than the LCD.


Don’t you know what LCD stands for, man???

LIQUID CRYSTAL. It’s kept at HIGH PRESSURE. If you drill even ONE HOLE, the liquid crystal will spray out and induce severe hallucinations – hell, it’s changing colors all the time in there, just IMAGINE what it will do when it squirts directly into YOUR EYEBALL. Wear safety goggles (welder’s mask much better) and full-body hazmat gear.


Don’t listen to RepoMan. I mean, liquid crystal is totally safe! We’ve been drinking that stuff in Kool Aid for years. The Displays were invented so much later because They needed to make a proper-colored Blueberry Kool Aid first.

So put the LCD in ice cold water first, and THEN drill.


I had no idea you could trepane an lcd screen.


Wait. Is Theodore Rex DX the same guy who earlier asked about chopping a rifle lengthwise or something?

I may need to change my vote if so…


Yes. There’s a good reason why he has 2 1/2 times as many votes as the next named contender.