What will happen if I drill small holes in a flatscreen monitor?


that explains the “stuntman” comment

i thought it was just his hyper-sensitive backlashes against all who oppress him, i didn’t realize he was just genuinely fucking NUTS.


Don’t neglect the nonlethal air-to-air weaponry concept thread in your retrospective. Like I said earlier, it’s not nuts, just sad.


The only reason I actually gave you guys details about that was because I wasn’t really serious about it. I even say that, somewhere. I was just daydreaming, basically. I was initially reticent with the details because … well, I guess now you know why I was reticent with details.


If you really want to see what happens when you drill into an LCD panel, you should start small, for example, with a cheap digital clock or calculator. That will give you some idea of what will happen when you drill into similar electronic devices equipped with LCD panels.


Thanks, that’s smart advice. I do know of screens that have been pretty badly cracked but still operational, so I’m optimistic. I have a travel clock that I never use and an old busted cell phone that will be perfect. Awesome.


post pics


I think those that are still operational are surface cracks though. LCDs I owned which are cracked through usually have liquid black splotches over the screen.


All over the screen? Or just where it was cracked? If the screen was operational at all with splotches I am hopeful. Careful drilling may be required. Gonna need a mounted drill. My dad has one. Wait, it may be a jigsaw. HMMM




You will have problems with parts of the rest of the screen. The blotchy part was of course entirely useless. The blotches tend to be localised but varied in size (I suspect depending on how compromised the sandwhich layer was). I probably would not advise taking a power tool to an LCD.

Send pics of accidentally dismembered digits and limbs! =)


Wait – you would have done it if we’d all said it was an okay idea?

Remember this for next time, guys :(


Okay! Next time, everyone encourage him!


I’ve told the guy repeatedly to drill small holes in his head, and he hasn’t followed that advice - he is a bit selective, you know.


The best way to drill holes in glass and prevent cracks is to put masking tape on the spot where you are planning on drilling.
I’d reccomend using the smallest bit you can find.Preferably diamond carbide.


I suggest trying this on a PSP or DS Lite first.


Funny, I don’t feel very flipped.


Did he say what he was doing this for somewhere? If so, I missed it.


I believe not. For security reasons. (roll eyes)


And yet, he claims he has.


Theo, that’s not how fiberoptics work.