What will happen if I drill small holes in a flatscreen monitor?


I think he means he gave us details about his nonlethal air-to-air missile idea.


No, Bill, you don’t know what I’m doing. You just got your wires crossed in a pretty spectacular fashion, is all.


Haven’t you done this yet ? It’s not like you can’t buy another screen.


He’s waiting for the grant money to clear.


Ben Q is developing a Theodore Rex DX-proof monitor


This is actually awesome. Thanks a lot, XPav.


What have I done?


Yes, your post at the top of the page doesn’t quote Lizard_King’s reference to your other idiotic flight of fancy, my bad. And the only reason I have interest in knowing what insanity leads to this particular venture is that I have a twenty riding on it with fire in that it will be mind-bogglingly stupid.


fire would be able to buy a nice new pair of swimshorts. If I was telling! But I’m not.


Is it still actually a bet if you both think it is mind-bogglingly stupid or are you just exchanging 20 dollars?


Shit, I knew somebody would figure it out. We’ll spend it on drinks for the Qt3 Sailing Team…if Theo tells and his answer doesn’t sound like 7-year-old thought it up.


Get one in for me then!


I still think the swimshorts idea works better.


If you think it’s a good idea, then there’s essentially no way in Hell I’d ever consider it.


So… did anyone ever find out why Teddy Rexbin wanted to drill holes in his shit?


So that he could get to the other side?


Where’s the poll option for “Never was planning on drilling holes in an LCD, just wanted to post a big attention-whoring thread on Qt3 in between bouts of hand-gnawing”?


Shut the fuck up. Anyway, how the fuck was I supposed to know people would go crazy over this?


Because it was batshit crazy to begin with?

Has the statue of limitations expired and we can find out what the deal-io was on this yet?


The act of drilling holes in a screen is not batshit crazy in and of itself - it’s just really unusual and weird. It’s obviously going to depend a lot on what the actual idea is. A lot of unusual and weird stuff can make a startling amount of good sense in the right context. Like, say, tearing down a house, or holding onto the edge of a cliff, or whatever. It was positively irrational to assume it was for a crazy reason - though I grant I’ve given people plenty of reasons to assume it’s crazy since then.
And no, I’m not saying what the plan is. Ever. You might find out, in a roundabout way, but I’m not going to tell you. Not because of some petty revenge thing or whatever, I’m just not going to and never was.
I promise I will tell you guys if it worked or not, and will post pics … when I do it (no, I still haven’t done it yet).
I am honestly thankful to the people who genuinely tried to help, and am mostly just entertained by the people who went batshit crazy over this.