What will happen if I drill small holes in a flatscreen monitor?



It wasn’t positively irrational to assume it was for a crazy reason. Given the person asking, it would have been irrational to assume otherwise.

You won’t say what the plan was because there was no plan beyond “What’s some crazy thing I can post to get people paying attention to me (again)?”


At the time, no matter how much you delude yourself into thinking that your hindsight makes you an all-knowing ultragenius, I didn’t have the reputation that I’ve accrued since then. There was no way of knowing that my relatively innocent question would make people as crazy as you evidently are.


Yeah, my posts clearly indicate I’m crazy, while yours are the work of an obviously sane mind.

What’s a “relatively innocent” question? Right from the get go the responses indicated that this was a crazy question. Also, I think the way of knowing that you seem to think could not possibly exist is called “common sense” , which you clearly lack or willfully ignore.


I think now’s a good time to bump this thread back up to the top.

And by the way, Theodore, I am in fact asking my friend Erhan if drilling holes will bugger the curved monitors.

“Don’t ask me why,” I tell him.

Being a perfectly normal, sane and rational being, he immediately responds with, “Why?” of course.




He can’t tell you.


Well, he’s at CES peddling his wares, still. Having been at trade shows myself, I know that this is the sort of event that can take every ounce of your focus and energy until a couple of days after the event’s over. He’ll probably get back to me sometime after that.

He only got back to me so quickly last night because, well, he couldn’t leave a comment like “Can you drill holes in it?” alone, either. :)


This whole thread (despite being old) reminds me of this pic. In fact, after you drill all the holes in the flatscreen, perhaps you should make this mod on the old graphics card too.


It took me three tries to realize what he meant by that extra inch. Reminds me of the time that I installed a soundcard with a hammer. Oh, come on! The ISA slots were stiff and I was twelve!



Ms. Interpreted???


This thread is like renting a porno that contains no sex, just lots of talking. :(


My dad and I once used a grindstone on a game card (the old piece of hardware with joystick ports on it). However, we were responsible about it. The problem was that the faceplate thingy (riser?) was designed for a case about half an inch deeper than the one we had, so we couldn’t secure it. We wrapped the card itself in bubble wrap or something to protect it from the sparks. I remember we took pictures while we were doing it because we knew how ridiculous it was, but I think they must have gotten lost somewhere.


This will all be part of Theo’s Blendtec-style site (Drillco?), except instead having of videos asking, “Will it blend?”, the question posed will be, “Can I drill holes in it?”


LCD smoke – don’t breathe this!


Upon finding this link, I couldn’t help but think of this thread.


So did it ever come to light whether this hole-drilling plan worked out?


How else would you get rid of dead pixels?


Oooh. Good thinking, Destarius. Maybe it was a pixel transplant. Let’s say you have a dead pixel right in the middle of your LCD monitor!!! Scandale! So, you take that fucker out, right? And you take a pixel from the corner of the LCD, and just switch 'em. It would be far less noticeable at the corner. Tada! You’ve fixed it. If you are really lucky, you might have another LCD laying around…you know, an older one. You could then just take any pixel from that one. In fact, people should keep their older LCDs around for just this purpose: farming pixels.


Goddamn chinese pixel farmers will ruin it for the rest of us. Mark my words!