What will happen if I drill small holes in a flatscreen monitor?


Greatest thread ever.

edit: holy shit, I’ve been posting here for 3.5 years? Dayem.


I miss TRex and DeepT. Nobody else has really stepped up to the same level of crazystupid since they left.


i did what i could


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Pure and utter GOLD. My day has been brightened.



I’d be worried about drowning when the entire internet comes pouring through the hole you just drilled.


You know, I’m just now remembering that in college, a bunch of us student-employees were used as labor to clean out a floor in a building that was being remodeled. One thing we found was an old laptop, and we had a drill, and so we drilled holes in the monitor to see what would happen.

Now, we had a nice fatty drill bit, and were really trying to see if we could drill through the entire screen, and found out that the screen would still kinda worked, despite having massive gouges and holes drilled in it.

I’m sad that Theodore Rex DX is no longer here to respond though.


^---- YMMV


what happened to him?


Presumably he drilled holes in himself and transubstantiated to a higher plane of existence.




Apple files patent for camera hidden behind display



Or is this one of those things where we’re trying to make him feel (even more) insane by acting like he’s not even here?

Or do you all have him on ignore and you forgot, and now you wish you didn’t?

Or did the hallucinogenic LCD gas rot all your bbrraaaiinnnzzzz???


I just accidentally a whole LCD. With holes in it.


Accidentally … what … a whole LCD?

Bought it?
Dropped it?
Sold it?
Ate it?
Married it?


Dude I’m going with “shat.”


Would that be a “holey shat”?


Reminds me of the time someone started a thread on a popular Malaysian forum by just posting, “I accidentally my gf”.

Hilarity ensued.

Oh, and that led to this joke:


Resurrection by request.


The great thing about flat screen monitors isn’t drilling holes in them, it’s showing everyone online that I did.