What will you play (Also in the weekend)? RE-Titled

Soul Calibur 6 Doing another local event. Making a lot of friends in that community
also Gremlins Inc.


Terminator Genysis: Rise of the Resistance
Marvel Champion LCG
Empire of the sun…UH, try and learn it…no playing yet.

Video games:

Outer Worlds
Streets of Rogue

I’m having a lot of fun with this game so I figure I’ll keep doing that this weekend.

HOWEVER! This here game will probably get most of my time and attention because it’s simply astonishing to behold every-fucking-where you look. For example, a scenic vista. Or Pearson butchering a rabbit.

I only played about 15 hours on PS4 so, for now, I’m having fun revisiting the early missions with even better graphics. Rockstar games always feel more at home on the PC.

I just picked up Grim Dawn, so that, when toddler not about. If I feel particularly dexterous, maybe try and get further in Ori and the Blind Forest. If the granddaughter is about, and my hands are toast, then I will pick from pick from Civ IV, Cities Skylines, ONI or Dawn of Man.


I’d forgotten how much I enjoy the first person perspective in a party-based RPG. I’d love to see a broader revival of the “blobber” style.

Wizardry 9?

I was not aware that was a thing. Who’s developing it?

No, I meant that’s the one I’d love to see :)

Ha! Yeah, me too. There is Labyrinth of Lost Souls if it ever actually gets released - don’t know if it’ll be any good though.

What the hell is a blobber?

An RPG where you’re not really playing one character, but a “blob” of them.

Original Wizardry and BT. Updated with Dungeon Master. Further updated with later Xeen games and Wizardries. Etc.

A type of game so rare these days that people don’t even remember the term for it, evidently. :)

Scharmers got it, it’s a first person game where the entity behind the camera is a whole RPG party instead of an individual (i.e. a “blob” of characters). Grimrock would be a real time blobber, Bard’s Tale IV would be a turn based one. There’s a long history, back to the days of Wizardry, Might & Magic, Dungeon Master, etc. More recent gems like Etrian Odyssey also fit the category.

I would propose the usage of the term is even more rare than the games themselves, as this is the first I’ve heard it, and I assure you I’m no neophyte to the genre!

Ha, fair enough! I guess it’s a niche term for a niche genre.

Come on, get with the program:

Clobber: fighting game
Jobber: business simulator
Kebobber: cooking game
Demobber: Action RPG
Hobnobber: social online game
Bobber: walking simulator
Nobber: puzzle game

Hoping to play some Starsector this weekend. After playing through some skirmishes to learn the ropes I’m ready to try the campaign mode.

Fobber: game about remotely opening locked vehicles

Anyway, I am a lifelong fan and player of games which I’ve only just learned are called ‘blobbers’. Learn something every day! Speaking of which, I will be continuing my playthrough of the original Bard’s Tale trilogy, in fact I’ve just started the third game, Thief of Fate. Highly enjoying this remastered walk down memory lane. Also picked up Glass Masquerade for cheap on Xbox, so I’ll play it a second time. I do love a good puzzle.

I’m really glad those remakes worked out well, I should spend some time with them myself.

I need to give those a shot. I only played the first Bard’s tale, ages ago.

Remember spending hours playing that, the SSI D & D games, Sword of the Samurai and The Ancient Art of War. Good times!