What will you play (Also in the weekend)? RE-Titled

Hmmm… maybe that means I have it already!

Man, I need to get back to that. I loved the demo so much, but the full game stymied me with the lack of ammo. At the beginning of the game, I wish it was more like the demo, where they give you enough ammo so you can kill things, but not enough that you can do anything but headshots to be efficient. But I guess they really want you using melee and running away, not going for headshots. :(

I am learning the amazing (and free) rougelike Cataclysm: Dark Days Ahead, thanks in no small part to the videos of our very own @Vormithrax.

Seems like Capcom made headshots less effective. I remember in the original RE2, two headshots could take a zombie down. In this remake, there isn’t much difference between headshots and body shots. At least that I can tell. But same boat here, I’ve been running more than fighting.

It’s been some WHTW2 but a lot more Xenoblade 2. Is previously only played it in handheld mode but now that we have a large tv in the study I play my Switch there and the game is just amazingly gorgeous. I had to restart since I had no idea what was going on when I last played and have already caught up. Was there never a strategy guide for this? Amazon doesn’t show any physical or digital guides that I could find. Anyway, the combat is a little frantic now that I have various timers to watch and coordinate. But all in all I’m digging it.

I am pleased to report that I played Maneater to completion over this holiday weekend. It was an amusing trifle, and I feel a satisfying sense of accomplishment. And I have the rest of today to try something else!

I wrapped up “my time in Portia” which was a fun (dare I say casual?) little builder that was a nice game to play while the real world was full of stress. I put in 79h according to Steam, which is plenty of time for a game of it’s complexity - it was starting to feel like I’d see everything there was to the game, and it was time to end.

I’m going to move onto Just cause 4 today after I wrap up cooking dinner.

I played my time at Portia, but after I built the bridge and got access to the desert, I kind of lost interest. Is there much more beyond that point? I am guessing there is one big dungeon left. I still had not saved up enough money for the next big property expansion at 50k gold.

There’s quite a bit more as there are a few more areas to open up.

The best upgrade to snag is the factory, which lets you automate a bunch of the parts building and gives you a huge inventory area (instead of a ton of boxes).

Age of Wonders: Planetfall - Invasions (Xbox One)

This expansion has totally delivered for me. The new lizard race is fantastic (I just love their techs and mods), and the invasion mechanic completely came out of left field for me and (let’s just say) it flipped the entire table over with the entrance it made in my latest skirmish game vs AI players. I will be starting a new run tonight, and I’ll be playing as the new Lizard race + Fire (Promethean) technology. There are a bunch of laser mods I’m just dying to put to use with a couple of their units. My last game was also Lizards + Fire, but I didn’t tech very well on my first run. I plan to do better this time.

Deep Rock Galactic (Steam)

Finally, a co-op shooter I can play with my wife! I’m hoping to spend most of my gaming time with her digging holes in space rocks this weekend.

Just cause 4. Because I want to run escort missions (the most beloved missions of them all) instead of just blowing things up like a mindless goon. [I miss just cause 2]

Also perhaps some SUPERHOT. The problem is, the game told me not to play anymore a few days ago, so I quit. I’m not sure if whatever is in that game is going to get angry and destroy my computer…or my life.

I’m hoping to finish Grim Dawn on Ultimate for the first time. Then I can take a long break from it.

If I manage to do it by tomorrow, then @espressojim’s idea of Just Cause 4 sounds pretty good. I already have it installed but haven’t launched it for the first time yet.

My wife and I got started on Minecraft Dungeons tonight.

We got a pretty good run, as she got a protection totem early on and I got a healing one. Between this and playing together, we beat the big cauldron much more easily than it went for me solo.

I think we’ll probably play through all the levels and get started on the hard mode over the weekend. Fun!

I’m playing Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition, Age of Wonders: Planetfall, and on the table some solo SpaceCorp: 2025-2300 AD.

Oh and a bit of God Eater 3 if I get time…

I am still playing Doom Eternal, on Nightmare difficulty. Still totally smitten with this game, combat remains as gleeful as ever. I might also see if I can push my Pac-Man 256 score up a little.


What movie is this from? Is it one with Will Ferrell as a time traveller?

God I hate you so much right now.

me? :O

In completely unrelated news:

That was my favorite show of all time as a kid. Even though it routinely gave me nightmares that I was stuck in a cliff-side cave face-level with a carnivorous dinosaur that kept nipping and chomping at me and trying to devour me, I loved that show. They say you can never die in your dreams, but I always dreamed I was torn apart and killed in those dreams.