What will you play in the weekend?


Most likely more time with War in the West, Offworld Trading Company, and Diablo 3. I finished the Operation Husky scenario last weekend in WITW and like to tackle the intro to air ops scenario, and read through the players handbook. I’m kind of exhausted on D3, so probably done for the season.


I’m predicting Nioh… what a great game!



Antihero , Dark Souls 3, and some Offworld Trading Company.


I’m not really an RTS guy, but Halo Wars 2 and Offworld Trading Company are great and I’ll dive into them this weekend. Also, I’ll be racing in Project Cars and Forza Horizon 3, and, finally, doing some survival co-op in The Division with a friend.


For Honor


I’m trying out Deathtrap to see if it’s worth playing. So far I’m mixed with it. Even though I have liked some tower defense / action hybrid games, I’m not sure this is going to be one of them.

I need to get back into Hitman after playing the first 2 maps.

I’m torn on what else I’ll try and play more of. I haven’t really dug into a strategy game in a little bit. There are a bunch of games that I either haven’t played, or I’ve played but haven’t done all of the scenarios that I really need to get back into.

Shadow Tactics: played a little
Conquest of Elysium 4: played #3 and thought it was OK
Stardew Valley: haven’t played at all
Project Highrise: haven’t palyed at all
Chaos Reborn : played some
Stars In Shadow: played some
The Sorcerer King Rivals: Thought that the pre Rivals version was only OK
Master of Orion (original): I’ve only played it a little
Offworld Trading Company: pretty darn good, played some scenarios and almost 1 campaign
Star Ruler 2: haven’t played since the expansion, only played pre expansion a little
Big Pharma: played a bunch of the scenarios but still a lot more to do. Haven’t palyed teh expansion

… and there’s more


Uncharted 4. I’m about 45% in. Hope to knock out the rest of it.


Metal Gear 5 on the PS4.

One Deck Dungeon.

Forge Wars.


I’d say give this a go, it’s a nicely different pace especially if you’re not overly familiar with Rune Factory type games.


Mostly I’ll be assembling e-books with Sigil. I may play around with Cortex Command some, or fly the DCS Viggen a bit, or do some random fun stuff in perennial favorite Guild Wars 2.


I’m getting back to Star Trek Online since the Agrnts of Yesterday content was released to consoles. Also probably keep chasing that Liberty City Minute achievement in GTA4. Because I’m weird that way.


GoG is selling Rebel Galaxy for ~$7, and I hopped into it for the first time. What a nice love letter to AC:Black Flag and Privateer it is :)


Eternal grinding gold for the expansion. Conan Exiles maybe even on the Qt3 server. ESO as usual.


I’ve almost tried it our several times, but I’m always put off my the look of the game. I’m just about done with Deathtrap, so I’ll try to take your advise and REALLY try out Stardew Valley.


I was going to play Fairy Fencer F: Advent Dark Force, but a persistent crash bug kept me from making any progress in a half hour of attempted play earlier in the week. I threw a pile of diagnostic info at IFI and time will tell if they sort it out.

In the meantime, the creative bug has got me and I’ve started designing a Vietnam-themed TIE Fighter campaign. A proxy war is a great excuse for using obsolete equipment, so actually using unshielded fighters can be made viable again. Still trying to get the nerve-wracking feeling nailed down without being too difficult, but the first mission (based loosely on Operation Flaming Dart) is coming along well.


I have so many new games to play, yet I ended up playing GTA IV on the XB1. Loving it and wondering why I didn’t play it before.


Rebel Galaxy, as mentioned above.

Fired up Project Zomboid for the first time in many months, to see how this now long-in-the-tooth “early access” title was doing. Played long enough to realize that I was just playing Zombie The Sims (96 different kinds of food you can make…but like 3 gun types) and uninstalled again.


I also ended up playing GTA IV. I’m loving it. Having to hurry through it for the achievement to finish it under 30 hours does change my behavior though. I usually take a cab to the mission any time I can.

One interesting side effect of that is that I still haven’t stolen a car within the game. I’ve used Roman’s cab, and I’ve used Dimitri’s car, and Little Jacob’s car, and I’ve used cabs, and I’ve used Roman’s cabs as a taxi. But no Grand Theft Auto has been committed yet by me within the game yet, which has to be some kind of record. I wonder if I can get through the whole game like this?


80% of my (very limited) gaming time this weekend was used playing Atelier Sophie. It’s funny how much that game “captured” me. It’s so charming and upbeat… I’m kind of mesmerized by it. :)

The rest of the time went to Tales of Berseria and a little bit to Curse of Yendor. And that’s pretty much it.