What will you play in the weekend?


Hey, speaking of Mass Effect 1, I was playing it a couple of weekends ago (first playthrough, obviously very VERY late to the party), just left the Citadel after getting made a Spectre and all, and I’m wondering why my Shepard is the only one getting skill points to spend. Is it that she’s doing all the heavy lifting in combat, and that I’m not using the NPCs at all?


That’s weird. Your early levels start with 3 SP per level, then it cuts down to 2, and then, much much later, to 1. You should be getting 3 or 2 at your point.


There may be some weirdness going on due to the fact that I reloaded a saved game from like 5 years ago. In fact I had to re-agree to the EA EULA. My Shepard (around L5 or 6) is getting 2-3 points but none of the others are. Maybe I need to start a fresh game?


It was spring storm time here, so I played an unhealthy amount of **MGS5 (**I think over 6 hours, in two days? Am I 16 again?!). I don’t like stealth game, but this offers so much freedom, it grabbed me and I just can’t let the game go. I really appreciate how the short-tempered weather make for some truly epic chaos management, when everything seems to be going poorly.
My Remnants of the Precursors play plans have been compromised because I was very generously gifted Distant Worlds. So I promptly read its manual and watched some videos before jumping into it the real men’s way: (almost) no automation and prewarp! It is a very absorbing game, time flies. Despite the theme, the game evokes strongly the first SimCity to me. I’ll see how my point of view evolves the further I understand (or don’t understand) it.


I played some Monster Slayers, Axes and Acres, and The Elder Scrolls Online. The first 2 are so good.


All Persona 5 as long as I’m home and the TV is free. Monster Hunters and Gems of War for secondary screen gaming. But I’m obsessed with P5 more than I’ve been into a game since probably Trails of the Sky SC. I almost bought a PSTV and committed myself to a couple of hundred hours of replaying P3 and P4, but I stopped the insanity. (In no small part because the upcoming release list still looks bounteous as well.)

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We traveled to Kansas City this weekend, but I took today off to recuperate and did nothing but Zelda all day. It was absolutely incredible.



Hours upon Hours.


Should be a pretty solid weekend for gaming. For the blog, the game of the week is the amazing-looking Freespace 2 mod/total conversion:

And maybe a one-off if I have time.

For myself, I’m gonna continue the just-begun campaign in:

Which, so far, is downright amazing. Almost Titanfall 2 amazing (though a lack of BT isn’t helping). ;)

Also, if I have time:

Should be a solid weekend.


Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 , Dawn of War 3 and I am gonna do another mission in Sniper Elite 3 and finish that up, so I can buy Sniper Elite 4 before the sale ends.

Its a 3’s weekend!


Hoping to teach someone Twilight Struggle tomorrow.

Otherwise, more Zelda.


I am going to try to dig into Albion Online a bit more this weekend.


Of course Drox Operative. Getting into Tempest. And Alien Swarm Reactive Drop, trying not to kill my teammates.


Whoop, 3 day weekend.

Will probably be a bit more of American Truck Simulator.


I think I’m going to jump back into Offworld Trading Company. I think I’m going to need to redo the tutorials - it’s been too long.

I just finished up Homefront: Revolution and it’s DLC, so I may need to find another action game to throw into the mix. I keep meaning to replay some Shadow of Mordor to see if it sticks better the second time. I played through the first map on my first try and just got tired of the repetition. If it fails to stick this time it’s erased from the backlog.

I’ve been playing Axes and Acres several times a week, trying to get my ranking into the top 10 but I’m struggling at difficulty level 23-25.


I’m going to finish The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, damn it! I’m also going to play some Street Fighter V, Offworld Trading Company, and maybe a shooter or two, also, both the first-person and the vertical/horizontal variety.


I read this as Street Fighter V: Offworld Trading Company and got confused for a sec. Senior moment there.

I am also going to wrap up Zelda, at least the main story, but first I have a lengthy check list of quests and goals I want to complete, so I’ll focus on open world fun tonight, the last dungeon tomorrow, and Sunday Ganon. I’m at over 60 hours so far, and expect to touch 80 before I’m ready to call it done (though - having missed out on dozens of quests and other awesome stuff, I am sure, so without any clear other game to latch onto, I may well just keep playing for awhile longer after I beat it).


I jumped on that specific Lynel’s back but was unable to hold him down and ride away…

I have over 110 hours in Zelda. I’m at 102 shrines and about 230 Koroks. I know of at least five or more shrines I want to do before I head for Ganon. Also need to make a stop with Impa and I have all but one of the Memories. I’ll have to make an Impa stop after I get all those too I think.

It’s time to bring it to a close. I still have my Special Edition of Persona 5 shrinkwrapped in the box. I’d really like to play that sometime soon.


Along with the (mostly) weekend-only Persona 5 and Breath of the Wild, I’ll try to find time to play No Man’s Sky, Starsector, and perhaps a few other games like Total Warhammer or Toukiden 2.


I beat Mass Effect Andromeda last weekend so I can head back to the ol’ backlog. Except I bought Voodoo Vince Remastered, and I’m enjoying going through that again. Forgot it had little quests and lots of hidden corners to look for collectibles. I like collectibles, but if you’re allergic this one might send you to the hospital.