What will you play in the weekend?


I found them both kind of average.




Haha I was expecting that! ;)


Beat the final boss of Microcenter Repair Incompetency last night so this weekend is now free and clear! Hoping to spend time in Final Fantasy XIV and some Persona 5 if I get the chance.

Titanfall 2 is the right poll choice ;)



What’s this? Mankind Divided has pulled ahead?


I think what we’re seeing at this stage is a backlash in direct response to the strong-arm intimidation tactics used by the Titanfall 2 election campaign.


Oh, was I the only one who voted for Infinite Warfare?

My reasoning was thus: I’m not ready to play Titanfall 2 yet, so I didn’t want divedivedive playing it yet either. I hadn’t heard a lot of praise for Mankind Divided in that thread. And I had head some praise by people who finished the Infinite Warfare campaign. So there you have it.


Holy shit, this poll might make me see the point of view of the like haters. Not that I mind the poll results, that’s kind of cool. But I kind of wish everyone had also said why they voted the way they did. Great, now I have to apologize to @malkav11.


Ain’t nobody got time for that.

(Except me and BrianRubin and rhamorim and Profanicus).


Hey, did you ever end up playing Batman Arkham Asylum? It’s pretty awesome if you never got around to it. :-D


What the hell is this fucking bullshit right here, son?


I’ll reinstall Titanfall 2 when Respawn adds the co-op Frontier Defense mode into the game.

It’s a mistake to have waited until the community abandoned the game. I still play FD from Titanfall 1.

If Brian has a problem with any of the above I’ll be on the playground tomorrow.


Well now they’re tied up again. I had no idea Mankind Divided had this many fans. Or that Brian Rubin had this many enemies.


I’m very polarizing. Some folks like me, some think I’m a sad sack.


Was given some urgent editing work for this weekend, but gonna find a little time for Oafmatch and Tank on Tank Digital.


Currently 55/45 sad sack, according to the poll results. ;)


At some point I’ll probably just have to declare an arbitrary cutoff, but I think I’m enjoying this more than any video game right now.




I voted for Mankind Divided only because I didn’t play Titanfall 2,and the other choice was Call of Duty. Mankind Divided was a letdown. Not real bad, but definitely not something people should really feel the need to make sure they don’t miss. If Titan Fall 2 is really that good, then by all means go for it!