What will you play in the weekend?


Currently 55/45 sad sack, according to the poll results. ;)


At some point I’ll probably just have to declare an arbitrary cutoff, but I think I’m enjoying this more than any video game right now.




I voted for Mankind Divided only because I didn’t play Titanfall 2,and the other choice was Call of Duty. Mankind Divided was a letdown. Not real bad, but definitely not something people should really feel the need to make sure they don’t miss. If Titan Fall 2 is really that good, then by all means go for it!


Homeworld: Remastered for me. Old school but I like the music and elegance of combat.


Hey man, I said why! I just hate multiplayer shooters in general.


I thought Mankind Divided was boring and outdated, while Titanfall 2 had the freshest FPS single player campaign I’ve played in ages.

Edit: as for Call of Duty, I’ve been off that train since they turned into full blown power fantasies.


An unlikely backlog of great DLCs for OTC and Renowned Explorers is building up because of my BBQ addiction.

The Puzzle Quest worshipper in me is hearing this little voice in his head: “could it be the One?”.


Playing Marvel Heroes PS4 Early Access. In Beta I played quite a bit of Hulk (level 32), Captain America and Thor (both ~level 24) so I’ve switched to playing Iron Man. I’ve heard he’s good at damaging large groups, but not so good against main bosses. So far he’s been quite enjoyable.

I’m tempted to play Endless Space 2 (which I purchased a while back during early access), but my impression from everyone’s posting on it is that it could use a few patches.


Yes, Dungeons 2 is like a cross between a simplistic version of Dungeon Keeper and a simplistic version of WarCraft 3. It can fun, but it’s definitely less than the sum of its part. War for the Overworld really scratches the Dungeon Keeper 2 itch.


Speaking of which, War for the Overworld is conveniently on sale for a few hours on Chrono.gg, 77% off at 7 bucks.
######no idea why I am trying to turn every thread into the Bargain one this saturday.


I beg your pardon. I am not a plant. I am a mineral.


Saturday is only half over and I’ve already knocked off Jedi Academy and the Offworld challenge I was stuck on. Can’t possibly be any more pleased with that kind of progress.


Maybe you could celebrate by, I don’t know, finishing Saints Row IV?


And lose my title? Never.


He hasn’t got the touch
He hasn’t got the power


No idea what that is, but I want it!


Mankind Divided is fantastic. It is pretty much the only spiritual successor to Vampire Bloodlines we have. Even if it is not quite as well written. It is vastly more interesting and ambitious than Titanfall 2, that’s for sure. However it really does need a sequel that will resolve Jensen’s story, too bad we aren’t getting it anytime soon, or possibly ever.

Anyway, I am gonna play Hitman Sapienza tomorrow. Hopefully I will manage to find a way to do a clean hit.



Is this screenshot you linked above Starsector?


Maybe? Why do you ask?

Oh, no, that’s one of the dev’s.

Oh, yes, I misread, it’s Starsector.