What will you play in the weekend?




Let’s be honest here. $60 for NMS? No fucking way. But $24 after the latest update? Totally worth it. Can I say that I feel bad for the people that paid $60 right off the bat? There are a lot of people on the Steam forum that are really pissed off about the sale.


Don’t feel bad for me because I think the game was worth $60 on release and is worth even more at its current state. ;)


There. ;)

The Steam forum is typically noxious. I paid full price with no regrets, and enjoyed my time with the game over the past year.


Yeah, I’ve actually gotten over the $60 thing. Amazing how some people can do that a year later, isn’t it.

But, some people just can’t let anything go. Gamers.


I pulled Mushroom Wars out of the backlog and it’s actually pretty fun. It’s a little more fast paced than I like, but the game is simple to it’s manageable. I cruised through the first 29 scenarios of the campaign, but #30 (the last one) is a royal pain in the butt. I just can’t even come close to getting a win.


It was supposed to be Cryptark’s week-end… and while I managed to play a couple of levels of it, I spent most of my gaming time drowning back into Dungeon Crawl’s Stone Soup.
After spending so much time on modern takes, I had forgotten the reliance on the different, convoluted keyboard shortcuts to equip and remove various piece of gears.


I started playing a game of Fallout 4 now with the DLC. Survival mode. I played vanilla near launch. Not sure if I’m cut out for survival mode now that I died for the 3rd time in Concord. I’m getting tired of needing to redo that section.


Played more Monster Slayer. I’ve beaten the Harbinger with all the regular toons now, so I’m working on the unlocked classes. The game is sort of like solitaire that takes 20 minutes to play. Relaxing but I still have to make interesting choices.


I did end up playing a little Castlevania: Symphony of the Night. It’s okay so far. There’s probably some alternate-history version of myself that played this instead of moving exclusively to PC for 10 years.


I’m really dreading getting to Concord in Survival mode too. On the old Survival difficulty at launch (They added Survival mode later) I died at least 3 dozen times in Concord.

Once I got past Concord the game was a lot easier though.


This section is pretty rough in survival mode. The best strategy is to cheese things out by staying out of the open where you can’t be reached. Survival mode is less frustrating after this early section of the game.

As for me, I finally finished Mass Effect Andromeda this weekend. I came in with low expectations but I ended up pleasantly surprised by the experience.


Yeah, I had that exact experience. The difference is quite startling actually. I died at least 10 times in the Concord building, but then hardly died again afterwards.


I finally got through Concord, so maybe I’m in for smoother sailing!


As advertised, I played The Turing Test and that’s pretty much it. I did get through it completely, and since we don’t seem to have a dedicated thread I’ll say: pretty good. Story is kind of bolted on and the puzzles are fun, if a bit on the easy side. Not a bad weekend diversion though.


Psst… don’t won’t to be rude, but you probably meant 20 years; time flies.


I guess I meant 17 years. I was thinking about my return to gaming in 2007 but that was still PC, hehe.


The dawn of a new weekend! What will you play?

Easy one for me this week, with a few things I’m keen to spend time on:

No Man’s Sky
Agents of Mayhem
The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel


I’m finally wrapping up Ninja Gaiden Sigma and Castlevania: Symphony of the Night! Both historic classics, but kind of a grind. Modern games have made me lazy.


Grim Dawn oh god it never ends