What will you play in the weekend?


Everyone needs to come to terms with enjoying racing simulators using a gamepad. That way you don’t have to worry about the mental burden of dragging out a wheel to play them.


You can drag out a wheel out of the closet with your mind? Dude, I wanna game at your house!


I don’t play racing games. I play racing simulators.


I only play driving games.


Yeah I will play a driving/caRPG/arcade racer with a pad no problem. The Crew, FH series, NFS stuff like that. But anything more serious than that and a wheel/pedal set is a requirement.


When I stopped reviewing racing sims, I put the wheel and pedals aside. I’m full on gamepad these days. I’d love to have a current wheel and pedals set up but I don’t have the space for it and without the financial incentive to make that room, I’m happy to play with an analog stick.

Someday I’ll get back to true simulation. That day is down the road.


I play games while the wife drives.


I play wife while the … game … dammit.

Anyway I played some Destiny and Oxenfree over the weekend. As I noted in the dedicated thread, my experience with second game improved upon my second playthrough. It’s clever.


It seems like I’ll be playing ESO for a while. I forgot that I had an ESO plus membership. So I popped on for a second and found 6000 crowns in my account. I bought some crazy skin that makes my char look like Johnny Storm without the flames. Then I got back into the Vvardenfell quest line for Vivec. Still enjoyable. Still gorgeous. Step aside quest to have the longest game ever in XCOM:WOTC.


There’s a faster elevator mod for ME1. I realize you’ve already finished it, just throwing it out there in case someone else is contemplating a go at the game.


Four-day long weekend for me, starting now!

I was weak and bought Total War: Warhammer 2 today at far too exhorbitant a cost, so I suppose I’d better play that at some point. Probably on day four after it finishes downloading. ;)

My prescription lenses for Oculus Rift arrived today, just in time to try out Project Cars 2 and the new Elite: Dangerous update.

I also have more Divinity: Original Sin 2 to play, which I’m loving and will likely make my year end list.

Aaand thanks to certain Youtube stream I’ve reinstalled Guild Wars 2. Here’s hoping that’s not all I end up playing… Fun times!


15 hours into Divinity: Original Sin and hoping to add to that. A little Caves of Qud as well.


I’ll be playing the “last” two games in my backlog: Nioh DLC 3 and PUBG.


I’m going to spend a little time, most likely, on my MekHQ BattleTech mercenaries campaign. Maybe some Warframe if I have the time. I’d also like to dip my toes back into DCS; they just released the fancy flight model Su-33, and putting that on a carrier deck seems like an interesting challenge.

I have some board gaming planned with friends, too. I was going to snag a copy of Mysterium, but my wife pointedly reminded me my birthday is coming up, so we’ll probably take Hanabi and The Big Book of Madness instead.


LawBreakers free weekend!

Also moar Dishonored 2.


Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire. I still have a mount to unlock, a story to finish (almost there!), and I’ve fully unlocked the new elite specs in only 3 of my 9 characters, so there’s plenty for me to do. ;)

If for some reason I need some variety, I’ll probably play Divinity: Original Sin 2, XCOM 2: WotC, Hob, Heat Signature, or even No Man’s Sky. But most likely… only GW2.


I know I am strange, but going to start up on an Ultima Online server in celebration of the 20th Anniversary earlier in the week!


I’m having my sister over this weekend, do you have any good couch co-ops to recommend us? =) I have Alienation, Diablo III, Lara Croft: Temple of Osiris and Marvel Heroes Omega, so you can skip those.
We’ll probably play a few hours of Until Dawn , and I’ll probably make her start a Dragon Age: Inquisition story to make her understand how great it is, and hopefully I’ll squeeze in some time to finish off Mass Effect 2.


My favorite couch co-op game is Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime. I play it with my kids.


This weekend, there is only war. 2.

(and also Dishonored DotO)