What will you play in the weekend?


Exactly, it’s streamlined UI and quick sessions make me really happy.


Zero-K looks quite nice!


It really is. I watched the AI play itself as a spectator and it was really great.


Is there any way to buy this game? Or a safe download?


Not available digitally, sadly.


Thats too bad - I really enjoyed the original game - its a 3d first person scifi diablo-like - whats not to love!


It’s worth tracking down for those as it’s loads of fun. Disks are going on eBay for like $6.


My weekend gaming went like this. Watched a bunch of Crusader King’s Let’s Plays because I finally want to learn this game. I ran through the tutorial and felt like I had a handle on it. Yesterday afternoon I started a game as Ireland. I was immediately hit with “You have a claim you can press.” Exited the game, tried to figure out what that meant, and then didn’t get back to it because it got so late.

I will learn you, CK2!


I played through The Keep - a somewhat stripped down dungeon crawler that I believe was originally a DS release in 2014. I enjoyed it a lot.

Nice to play something from that genre that targets players who want to enjoy themselves instead of having to restart multiple times because they didn’t pick character builds that the game deigns to offer enough equipment for in order to continue progressing. I’m looking at you Legends of Grimrock 2.


Apparently what I’ll play all weekend long is Hollow Knight, which is really excellent. It doesn’t feel the need to be agonizingly hard like a lot of Metroidvanias, and it’s not only just beautifully drawn, it really has a unique and well-realized tone.


Thanks to FF14 server maintenance I finally got around to (and beat) one of my backlogged Humble Monthly games: Momodora: Reverie Under the Moonlight. Solid Metroidvania with a fantastic soundtrack and I was able to knock it out in about 4 hours.


I didn’t play Fallout 4 when it came out and just got the GOTY on sale for Xbox One (looking forward to the upcoming One X graphical enhancements).

So I’ll be figuring out base building and starting my exploration of the world. I’m hoping 2 years worth of patches and DLC mean I’ll enjoy the game at its best and have a lot to see.


Thanks for noting that @LockerK . I need to give that a try.


Really? Because of the type of game it is, I automatically assumed it would be too hard for me. They should publicize this more somehow.


Well if you have questions, be sure to ask. People cough here many hours of experience to answer from.


It does have its moments, but I would say pretty much all of the bosses and platforming challenges I’ve encountered I’ve been able to tackle after three or four tries, which in my mind could be a lot worse. I recommend giving it a try!


Cool. Wishlisted. I’m always looking for good platformers. I know you didn’t like Ori in a lot of ways, but it was one of my favorite games last year, and this looks similar in some ways.


Am playing through the entire Assassin’s Creed series. Um, not all this weekend, though. (With the exception of the first AC because that’s just terrible.)

Am weaving through Italy with Ezio already.


What @Knightsaber said!
Although in a jumbled up order.
Finishing off AC Syndicate now, and am somewhere in the middle of Origins. As soon as Syndicate is finished, Exio Collection will start up.
Might - just MIGHT - even consider giving AC1 another hour before I give up on it.

…and now I just realized I have family visiting me all weekend so maybe not so much after all. I’ll have to show them the beauty of Origins though. Probably some co-op game with my sister as well, Borderlands or Diablo III.


So if I just skip to Assassin’s Creed 2, I may actually come to like this series? Because I really hated AC1 and never played another game in the series.