What will you play in the weekend?


I … I think I may finally be done with Xenoblade Chronicles 2?

Maybe I’ll sneak a quick look, but at the moment I’m pretty heavily into Fallout 4 VR (even though I swore I wouldn’t buy it until it officially supported Rift).

I’m also planning to play a couple quick little tabletop games, like Hostage Negotiator and One Deck Dungeon.


How is Fallout VR on oculus? Workable?


I’ll probably play Tomb Raider 2013 through to the end. I fired it up on Friday and discovered that the last time I’d played it was November 2013 (I’d gotten maybe two hours in). The inclusion in the Humble Monthly reminded me that I had it, so I played the heck out of it last weekend, but didn’t finish. I hope I don’t have far to go–I’m on the beach and going into the wreck of the ship Lara and her group were all on.


A mix of League of Legends (please help I have a problem, Season 8 is starting and I’ve been playing since season 1…) and Tales of Beseria, where I’m just starting, and am not sure if the entire game is a button masher that I’m bad at, or there’s an intricate combat system just below the surface.


Absolutely! Once set up it’s not far off the Vive experience.

You need to:

  • use the OpenVR Input Emulator (and the current SteamVR beta that supports it) to enable emulating the Vive wand trackpads.
  • make an ini file change so menu navigation works properly.
  • maybe remap a couple buttons in the emulator to make life easier - the Vive trackpad click is used a lot and maps to clicking the analogue sticks, so I mapped them to the grip buttons and shifted the grip buttons to A/X (which aren’t otherwise used). In typical Bethesda fashion though some UI is hard-coded so you still need to click the analogue in places. :)

Once that’s done it works really well - apart from the map which is still a bit of a pain to navigate, and the fact you need to move the stick each time you want to go up/down one step in a menu (can’t just hold it, and they didn’t implement a pointing system).

The only other thing (which I guess is personal taste), is it has a really strong TAA anti-aliasing solution which practically eliminates shimmering but makes everything quite blurry. I made some ini changes to the TAA settings to sharpen that up.


Thanks for the info! I have been aligned with your viewpoint to date (ie, no rift support, no buy) but I’m weakening… Oh my capricious ways! I enjoyed Fallout 4 a great deal and a VR playthrough is tempting. You enjoying the game itself so far?


Yeah it’s good. It’s pretty much the only massive open world RPG we have on desktop VR so that was a big selling point.

I played the original a fair bit so it’s all very familiar, but actually being in the world adds a lot. The combat is much more frantic and frightening.

VATs is really flakey though and they didn’t (yet?) implement scoped weapons, i.e. no looking through scopes. Apart from that the whole game is there.


I’m struggling up the Chick parabola of Star Fleet Armada. I might get in a little Rimworld too. And as I have been doing for the last month, I’ll play a couple games of Solar Settlers each day.


Combat Mission. It has been my game of the week. I am still reading the manual, I still get destroyed by the AI, which is supposed to be a pushover. I had to get past some of the ugliest graphics and the stupidest camera, I am unsure what is happening or how to make it happen, but this is one of the most evocative games I ever played. There are memorable moments happening all the freaking time. Something has mundane have swiping houses in a village become moments of high tension. I find the interface quite serviceable, and the sound design is amazing.
Boy, do I understand the reputation and praise. Where is the Eastern front one, GOG dand it?!

Maybe some quick Tooth & Tails if @Chappers didn’t train and is around.


Well…I have to drive 2,700 miles to pick up a dog that is coming over from Europe so I will have 4 nights in hotels so I bought Perdition’s Mouth to do some tactical dungeon battles…the hotels better have decent tables.


I assume this dog will clean your shoes and make you breakfast too?

I’m playing Age of Wonders 3 for sure, and one of the following:

Field of Glory 2/ Spellforce3 / DoW3


They do - no issues running on a year-old Thinkpad running Win10.

Changes are higher resolutions, scroll zooming, widescreen, I think it’s most of the changes on those 3rd party mods that have existed for a while but all with no fuss. Also includes UI changes from BG 2. I believe they increased number of items you can stack (arrows/bolts, potions, scrolls) at a time.

They added new party members and quests to go with them but it has been so long since I played the original I am not sure which those are.


I couldn’t play it these days anymore, but Combat Mission Overlord was really good many many years ago. It was the first time I played a WEGO system I think and it seemed so much more intense.


I find the game does a terrific job at presenting and representing the info of the troops. I was really surprised by that efficiency.

My Tooth & Tails plans seem to have gone the flush, sadly, as they totally broke the multiplayer part of the game in some surprise update today.


Started Kona last weekend and excited to explore that cold snowy town a little more.

Mostly I will just be killing time until the Eagles - Falcons game though.


Thanks. I will pick this one up (sigh). ;-)


There is an intricate battle system just below the surface that shines in the mid game. The game is definitely worth playing, IMO.


Fortnite StW. Is on my confort area, and made many friends so I could go around farming, meeting people, chatting,while I watch movies and chill. So…Fortnite & Chill ?


XCOM2:WOTC because

And Grim Dawn. Because what a difference a new build makes.


Well, I got sucked in pretty deep by Slay the Spire. Fun little deck-builder roguelike. Early access, but I didn’t really bump into anything “early access” about it. Pretty charming (especially the soundtrack) for an indie game.