What will you play in the weekend?


Well…I have to drive 2,700 miles to pick up a dog that is coming over from Europe so I will have 4 nights in hotels so I bought Perdition’s Mouth to do some tactical dungeon battles…the hotels better have decent tables.


I assume this dog will clean your shoes and make you breakfast too?

I’m playing Age of Wonders 3 for sure, and one of the following:

Field of Glory 2/ Spellforce3 / DoW3


They do - no issues running on a year-old Thinkpad running Win10.

Changes are higher resolutions, scroll zooming, widescreen, I think it’s most of the changes on those 3rd party mods that have existed for a while but all with no fuss. Also includes UI changes from BG 2. I believe they increased number of items you can stack (arrows/bolts, potions, scrolls) at a time.

They added new party members and quests to go with them but it has been so long since I played the original I am not sure which those are.


I couldn’t play it these days anymore, but Combat Mission Overlord was really good many many years ago. It was the first time I played a WEGO system I think and it seemed so much more intense.


I find the game does a terrific job at presenting and representing the info of the troops. I was really surprised by that efficiency.

My Tooth & Tails plans seem to have gone the flush, sadly, as they totally broke the multiplayer part of the game in some surprise update today.


Started Kona last weekend and excited to explore that cold snowy town a little more.

Mostly I will just be killing time until the Eagles - Falcons game though.


Thanks. I will pick this one up (sigh). ;-)


There is an intricate battle system just below the surface that shines in the mid game. The game is definitely worth playing, IMO.


Fortnite StW. Is on my confort area, and made many friends so I could go around farming, meeting people, chatting,while I watch movies and chill. So…Fortnite & Chill ?


XCOM2:WOTC because

And Grim Dawn. Because what a difference a new build makes.


Well, I got sucked in pretty deep by Slay the Spire. Fun little deck-builder roguelike. Early access, but I didn’t really bump into anything “early access” about it. Pretty charming (especially the soundtrack) for an indie game.


Well I went from “I don’t think I enjoy playing online” to “What the hell am I gonna play ALONE?!”.
This year has pretty much only consisted of Tom Clancy’s The Division online with 2 - 4 friends, Borderlands 2 online with my sister and her bf, or Destiny 2… so far, alone, but with other people running around everywhere anyway.

I’m guessing this is what this weekend will look like as well.


Nantucket, probably. Don’t know what else.


Same as last weekend!


Some Combat Mission (I won my first scenario this week! So proud of myself) and Twilight Struggle, a bit of Dominions 5 and Cinco Paus, with a little touch of Batman Arkham Origins or Bayonetta on top when I’ll feel the need to smack stuff.




Human people are coming over on Saturday to play Gloomhaven. I might try to sneak in a game tonight to see if I can make it past the first scenario solo and refresh myself on the rules. Should be fun!


Hopefully my wife and I can play a couple games of Pandemic Legacy Season 2. We start June next session. We’ve lost the first game of the month 2 or 3 times, but haven’t lost a month yet. There was one thing we wish we did sooner, but were so happy when we finally did it. I need to get through Pandemic so we can start Gloomhaven, which I will get my hands on next week.

On the video game front, I expect to play some more Horizon Zero Dawn, Everybody’s Golf, and Dominions 5. So far I’ve just been reading the Dom 5 manual and going through the screens and listening to the great music. I’ve gotta thing where I need to read through the manual before I actually start a game.


Wolfenstein II - The Courtroom drama continues. I finally killed the two heavy units, but now the doors have opened up and I’m out of ammo. Every 20 seconds of gameplay before I reload look pretty dire.

Grim Dawn - A Battlemage, a Warlock and a Trickster walk into a swamp.

Bloodborne - I’m going to fire this up again, and try to systematically make my way through the Nightmare areas or the DLC. I haven’t decided which yet.


Currently available for only $12.14 on GMG using code BLUE25. Today’s the last day for the code, but I don’t know when, exactly, it expires.