What will you play in the weekend?


I started Dragon Quest Heroes: Rocket Slime last night, so it’ll be that until I finish it.

Unlike the first three games I played through this year, I’ve played this one before, but it was a decade ago, so I didn’t remember much aside from “tank battles.” There’s a lot of good stuff going on aside from that!


I’m going to second that suggestion.


I remember I really enjoyed that game. Unfortunately I sold or gave away my copy and I kind of regret that. Wouldn’t mind seeing how it holds up.


Probably going to be playing a lot of Magic Arena, but also continuing my current obsession with Elder Scrolls Online which somewhere along the line became fantastic!


For the blog, I’m finally gonna start an extended series covering:

I’d never heard the music through an actual Roland MIDI unit, but it’s AMAAAAAAAAAAAZING. I’ll also be playing more:

In preparation for our first streamed EVE meetup later this month.

For myself, I hope to get more time in with:

Should be a great weekend!


Good news: I plan on doing write-ups about every game I play through this year, including Rocket Slime. (More on that later!)


This weekend i’ll be mostly focusing on Total War: Warhammer II, might put in a few rounds of the Division or another mp game. We’ll see how it goes.


Looks like I’m diving into the Kohan games this weekend. I also noticed that I have an HD version of Majesty Gold, so I’ll probably be playing that as well. Perhaps some AoE2, Ashes of the Singularity, and Offworld Trading Company as well.



1 or 2?

Would be tempted to give mp a go :).


Did someone say Kohan I love Kohan we need more Kohan


3 player kohan?

Does steam Kohan mp code even work? 😯


If you forward a port and use that port to open a multiplayer lobby, the direct IP connection feature works handily. GameRanger supposedly also works for some, but I must not have configured it correctly.


I’ve installed all 3 of them. Still figuring out how to actually play. Kohan 2 tutorial was pretty straightforward. Need to finish the tutorials for Ahriman’s gift. I did the first couple, but started a skirmish game and was not doing too well.


I’m inspired to install all three as well. God I love these games.


Oxygen Not Included mostly, as I can leave it run while I do chores away from the computer. Only problem is the silly dupes entombing themselves when I am not looking!

Also some Starters Orders 6, there is a fan run online league I debate breeding some horses for. It is a good one to have the races run while I do things on my other monitor.

Some Cities Skylines if I get frustrated with the ONI map and have medium energy and attention left. Some Ori and The Blind Forest if I have enough energy and alertness for a gorgeous platformer after chores, or some No Man’s Sky if I don’t and I want to slowly search for more desktop backgrounds until sleepy enough to go to bed.


I just spent some time playing Fill Out Income Tax Forms (early access). I wanted to get a ballpark view of my taxes (couldn’t do them for real because a couple of places haven’t sent me forms yet, plus my wife needs to get her business taxes done). Initial news is looking good though, since it seems I overpaid social security tax by switching jobs. Plus my mortgage is frickin’ expensive.

Might hit up Grim Dawn a bit but probably not a whole lot else. Trying to whip my financials into shape in a general sense, so I spent a bit of time playing Fun With Excel today.


First and foremost, PC Mover, moving all my data from my old rig to my new. Assuming that goes smoothly, Nantucket, Railway Empire, and more beta testing of Warhammer 40K Gladius - Relics of War.


Monster Hunter World!


Subnautica for sure.

Maybe some more Diablo 3 too, or something else TBD.


It was going to be Hollow Knight, but I suddenly need to grind! (damn you, @Chappers!).
And then, a friend gifted me Legend of Heroes : Trails of Cold Steel yesterday and… well it’s been a dozen of years since I haven’t fired up a JRPG, and this feels like warm shoes (Trails of whatever was the name of the first was really, really good).
I am ashamed to admit this is looking to be a very grindy week-end, on both fronts.