What will you play in the weekend?


Some Offworld Trading company.


If you LIKE Sherlock Holmes games, its fine. Its not the best, but its good enough, certainly.


Subnautica and Civ 6 on the iPad.


Ancient Chinese secret, huh?


We played some Kohan 2 online a fews ago. It was fun.


Digging through my backlog. Playing AC Black Flag, my first AC game. It’s really weird that you can’t crouch. Is “throw money” the equivalent of throwing a rock or whatever? I haven’t figured out how to distract guards but maybe that’s it. I assumed it was just to rile up the locals so they’d get in the way of pursuers but it occurred to me that maybe it was the equivalent of throwing a coin in Hitman.


It’s definitely the “get civilians in the way of pursuers” thing.

More games need the “draw guards’ attention to given spot” functionality.


I know it’s in Yakuza. Did that series invent the idea?


Don’t know. I do remember that the retro 1960’s themed No One Lives Forever (2000) let you throw a coin far away from you (as Cate Archer) as a way to distract guards.

BTW, that game had some funny dialog. I’m thinking of the hilariously bad and embarrassing “come-on” code phrases the East Berlin contact had to say to Cate (which he then complained bitterly about).


Thief, Tenchu: Stealth Assassins and Commandos all came out in 1998 and had some variation on the idea.

And you made me look up the code phrase bit again for nostalgia’s sake.


Cool, thanks for the video. Was it in NOLF 2 that there was a whole conversation among henchmen comparing the wages and benefits packages of one criminal organization vs. another? Good times. Those games totally need sequels.


I have been playing Life Is Strange this weekend (late to the party, I know). I like it so far as I near the end of episode two, but it feels very linear and occasionally has you doing annoying fetch quests (collect bottles) and uses counter-intuitive adventure-game logic for many of its puzzles. For instance, you cannot reach tools atop a machine, so instead of standing on a chair or something, you turn on the machine so that it shakes and causes the tools to fall off but be sure to put down a bit of cardboard first, so you can retrieve the tools when they fall behind a desk (obviously). It has some thematic commonalities with Night in the Woods—being set in an economically-depressed small town with people struggling to pay bills—but isn’t quite as charming. Early on, it had an excellent joke about that Final Fantasy movie Square made that might be my favorite video game joke ever, although seeing the NOLF clip above makes me reconsider that statement.


I don’t really consider myself a jrpg fan, haven’t played one in forever - I think it may have been FF7. Anyway, last night I started reading the Steam page for Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel 2 and before you knew it I’d bought the first game in the series, Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky. Other than the fact I keep getting my butt kicked by some plants, I’m having a good time!


I didn’t play Pharaoh surprisingly enough. Dunqul Oasis exhausted me, so i decided to take a break, plus it’s carnival here so I was distracted.

I found Winds of Trade for cheap (along with Anno 1404, because I was looking for a more complicated city builder, and it is certainly complicated…nice looking game though), booted it up, really really enjoyed it.

It’s a simple little trading simulator with some rough edges, but it seems to have been made by a single guy in unity.

Anno 1404 is annoying me a bit because I can’t quite figure out the mechanics, but that’s partially my fault for jumping right in without reading the manual.

Anyway, I recently discovered Patrician 4, Rise of Venice and Port Royale 3 plus all expansions in a bundle.

I quite enjoy trading simulation games, and had no idea these existed!


Wrapping up SUBNAUTICA , so damn good.


Finished Uncharted 4, and now trying to decide if I should start Monster Hunter World or try to finish Bloodborne. Decisions, decisions.


I’m not really a JRPG fan either. I’ve played a few of the Final Fantasys and even finished a couple, but that’s about it. I’ve started a number of other JRPGs, but don’t usually get far. Trails in the Sky got its hooks into me, though, and I just finished it a couple of weeks ago. Now I’ve bought and am fairly deep into the Second Chapter, which is apparently even bigger and more wordy than the First Chapter, but I don’t seem to mind.

I don’t know what it is about Joshua and Estelle, but I love these crazy kids!


I love nearly all the characters in Trails in the Sky. That includes Sieg.

But yeah, Estelle and Joshua are too awesome.


My goal is to wrap up Secret of Mana. I’m at the Grand Palace, which if I understand correctly is close to the end.

But the Underground City was super annoying for how long without saves it is. Being a parent, as I am, that would have been rough without the save state feature of the SNES classic.

A case where ‘they don’t make them like they used to’ is a good thing.


Just bought Fate Extella a couple of days ago. Also, I’ve already bought Toki Tori 2+, which comes out on Switch tomorrow