What will you play in the weekend?


I started and finished Beyond: Two Souls.
It was a mixed experience really. I was annoyed about… 80 % of the game, mainly because 1) Jodie is an annoying, moody and way too “difficult” teen for me to feel any sympathy with, even though the game tries SO hard for me to make me like her 2) the god damn QTE’s where I’m supposed to understand in half a second what direction they want me to be hitting or dodging in, when it’s dark and rainy and arrghh.
But somehow, I managed to enjoy the rest of the 20%, at least enough to get through it.


So this Friday (I think) the remastered Dark Souls 1 makes it’s appearance. Is anyone going to be playing it.

As an owner of the original I will get it discounted, and the idea of playing DS1 in a busy world sounds fun.

I know many people think it is just a money grab, but it is also now the only option to play it with a community.


I ended up buying Shadow of War and playing quite a bit this weekend and last night. The opening location was a nice change from the drab one of the earlier game.
The voice acting of the orc captains remains a major highlight.


My video card died a while back, so I borrowed an old one. A real old one. A GeForce 210. Then I started going back in time to find something in my backlog that I could actually play at decent settings. It turns out I had to go all the way to back to 2004’s KOTOR 2. I’ve never played it with the restored content mod, and I figure that’s something I ought to do sooner or later.

Tonight I suddenly realize that I’ve been playing for 8 hours straight. It’s too hot. I’ve been sweating for I don’t even know how long without even realizing it. For all its faults, that’s a game that still holds up today after multiple play-throughs.


It’s tempting. But I really should finish Bloodborne first. Then Dark Souls 3. Then The Surge. Then Code Vein maybe. And then Dark Souls Remastered.


I will probably play it but I’m not really that excited about it. I wish it was a more interesting remaster.


I do wish they had changed up a few things, like the location of objects or something.


I’ll be playing…battletech.

#sheeple win# :P


Last week I went hard on Battletech. This weekend? I’m goin’ flying!


I’m going to be away from my desktop visiting my in-laws, so some low-fidelity stuff is on the docket for me. Maybe some more of the winSPWW2 flavor of Steel Panthers: WW2, where I’m slowly making my way Omaha Beach, or maybe some Kerbal Space Program. (Although, for the latter case, I don’t want to have to go find all my plugins again.)



Hopefully some of this as an introductory scenario before I embark on a PBF with @Juan_Raigada :


Looks like I’ll be investing time into Elder Scrolls Online. Haven’t touched an MMO since I burned out on Star Trek Online a few years back.


Stellaris 2.1/Star Trek:New Horizons. One Deck Dungeon


Oh yes. That and Slay the Spire, or how to vaporize free time.


Stellaris. I might fire up State of Decay 2 before it gets patched, but I dunno.


State of Decay 2 and Battlefield 1943 on the Xbox One. Meanwhile, I’ll also participate in the Spring Cleaning on Steam for whatever games that are eligible.


State of Decay 2, thanks to Tom’s review.


Should be a good weekend for gaming! For the blog, I’m gonna spend some time with:

As well as:

For myself, I plan to dive back into:

Plus definitely more time with:

Gonna be a great, long weekend. :)


I feel like i need some Stardew Valley.

I might try some Surviving Mars but it’s so boring. Skylines pushes me away because i feel like i need to actually plan my city to reduce traffic. But at least i have to think.

I’ll probably fire up some Warhammer 1 instead of 2 as well.

Or go camping ;).


I don’t think I have ever played two games at the same time but this weekend I think I will be checking out Dark Souls Remastered and continue my adventures in Mass Effect:Andromeda.